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Finally the long awaited holiday next week! We are heading to Taiwan for 9 days whee~ The initial plan was to Japan but yea will prolly visit there when all is good. The happiest thing is that Sean's leave got approved which means he can join us for this trip! Unfortunately we will be on a different flight, he will be traveling alone ): Oh well as long as he will be able to join us. So yep the launch tomorrow will be our last before we take a short break.

Out to town w the best friend

Picked her up from work for the first time :p

Drinks @ TCC
I look so Dao but she insisted I should upload this picture!

And me in the upcoming Phil Pleated Shoulder dress in Navy :)
Didnt want to upload this but it shows how the pleats are nicely done here!

Morgan's 25th birthday!
Mr nice guy :D
Our seafood feast yumz

Desiree curled our hair for lu and me that night!
Meet my new fav clutch in coral! Big enough for my hp tissue camera ++

Desiree looking real hot in Embellished Classic Toga in …

Picturez Spam

Mothers' Day lunch @ Royal China

The hall, very nice interior
But guess what, we were seated in the room instead
Mommylisa w her gifts. She's the best mother in the whole wide world!
Cards done by Lu for our 3 fav mothers

Lu in upcoming piece - Contrast Embroidery Frock in Wheat

DaJie Fran in upcoming piece - Embroidery Darlin' Dress in Cherry Blossom

And me in upcoming piece - Luxe Bellsleeve Crochet Dress in Cerise

Random dinner date @ Swensens

In upcoming piece - Executive Work Dress in Cobalt Blue

@ Strictly Pancakes

In upcoming piece - Pleated Toga Dress in Baby Blue

Saturday @ Boiler Room