3 more days to the polling day.
Have you all read Xiaxue's blog entry on the election? Yep im a huge fan of xx, no doubt she's the most influential blogger in town.

I'm actually looking very forward to know who our fellow Singaporeans will choose to represent us, especially Marine Parade, Pasir Ris-Punggol and Aljunied GRC. Unfortunately I'm under 21 which means I have no say in this election, what a bummer.

So the other day I was at Nex and overheard a couple in their mid-twenties talking about GE. One of them actually said he's gonna blank his vote. All I wanna say is that whoever's gonna give a blank vote deserves a punch in the face. Both the PAPs and the oppositions have put in so much effort in this election, you cant possibly void your vote right? Well just my two cents worth.

Anyways somehow I feel kinda sad for the Kate Spade candidate. I was googling on her and actually found a page with 19thousands likes on fb which titled 'I do not want TPL in parliament'. Seriously 19k over a week?

Alright enough of GE, back to my normal picture post.

On Muffin's bday dinner @ MOF
Upcoming design - Embroidery Darlin' Dress in Cobalt Blue

Lucky birthday girl who have friends baking rainbow cake for her!

With Desiree

Pressie from us

I have no idea why my fist are clenched hahaha

On $8 Ktv Monday,
Mich and her crazy fans

My friends are so cute!

Upcoming piece - Pleated Pussybow Blouse in Cobalt Blue

Then to Swee Choon for supper

My dramatic friends

Close up of the top. Pretty pleats on the shoulders, awesome workmanship!

And Brunch @ Canopy @ Bishan Park
Upcoming piece - Scalloped Hem Embroidery Dress in White

My standard Eggs Benedict

To Sean's place to do what we are best at..... Mahjong!

And here's my Vday card to Sean!

It's 3 in the morning, and yet another abrupt ending to my entry.
Till then..


  1. when are u launching Pleated Embriodery Frock in Cobalt Blue will it be anytime in this week?

  2. What's the name of the KTV place u went to? Thanks in advance =)!

  3. What's the name of the KTV place u went to? Thanks in advance =)!

  4. Hi it will be launched on coming Monday 1130am.

    Kbox. They have this promo every Monday at $8 :)

  5. Hi, may i know if theres any model number for your chanel earrings as worn with the Pleated Pussybow Blouse. Thanks so much !

  6. Hi, is the Pleated Pussybow Blouse in Cobalt Blue actual colour more true to the closeup picture or isit darker? Thanks! :)

  7. So sorry I have no idea what's the model no.

    Hi there, the close up picture!

  8. Hi babe , may i know which branch of kbox did u went to ? (:

  9. hi babe, how old are you? (:

  10. Hi may I know the ptp of the pleated pussybow blouse? :)

  11. Hello! Will u be updating more preview on ohvola blogspot pls? I hope to see more previews! :)

  12. hey, did you ordered extra for OHVOLA LABEL - LAYERED CHIFFON TOP?
    if yes, can i placed order for the white one?


  13. Good day all!

    I went to the kbox at Hougang Plaza.

    I'm almost 21.

    Ptp will be up at 12pm tmr.

    Preview is up on our blogspot.

    We dont have it in white, do you mean creme?


  14. is the cobalt blue for darlin dress v bright in real life? i m more of a dark colour person hence am afraid the colour might be too bright for me.
    any advise? :)

  15. hi jolene can i know wheres the dimsum place you had supper?


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