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Mothers' Day lunch @ Royal China

The hall, very nice interior

But guess what, we were seated in the room instead

Mommylisa w her gifts. She's the best mother in the whole wide world!


Cards done by Lu for our 3 fav mothers

Lu in upcoming piece - Contrast Embroidery Frock in Wheat

DaJie Fran in upcoming piece - Embroidery Darlin' Dress in Cherry Blossom

And me in upcoming piece - Luxe Bellsleeve Crochet Dress in Cerise

Random dinner date @ Swensens

In upcoming piece - Executive Work Dress in Cobalt Blue

@ Strictly Pancakes

In upcoming piece - Pleated Toga Dress in Baby Blue

Saturday @ Boiler Room

Dajie Fran in upcoming piece - Flutter And Ruche Dress in Navy
Me in upcoming piece - Ruche Shoulder Mini Dress in Black

Dont forget Ohvola's launch at 12pm!
Till then..


  1. hi jolene,

    may i know where you got the chain necklace which u worn with the black mini shoulder dress to club de?


  2. hi jolene (: may i know where did u get the wedges in this pic: http://i624.photobucket.com/albums/tt323/Jolenezhou/BOILERPANCAKEROYAL/IMG_2265-1.jpg

    thank you (:

  3. Hi Jolene

    May i know where did you get the wedges which you wore in the latest preview? all the wedges in beige, black, brown? Thanks

  4. Hi Melon, the chain is from f21!

    Hi Anon, we got it from korean spree :)

    Hi Queen, it's from Prettyfit!

  5. Hi Jolene,

    Just curious... Have you ever wore braces? :)

  6. Blogging soon? :)

  7. Hi anon, yep I wore braces when I was primary4 :)

    Anon, just did :)


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