Probably the Coolest Bank Ever

OCBC Bank Launches FRANK by OCBC

For those who have been following me on Twitter would have known that I attended the blogger engagement at NTU FRANK store together with Lu and Desiree. It was quite an eye-opening one since it was my first time to NTU and I never knew that they have such a cool bank within the campus!

A smart, revolutionary way to manage money, FRANK engages youths and youth working adults in the non-traditional ways.

So goodbye boring default cards and hola FRANK debit cards!

The store styled like funky retail shops

With pretty Sarah who invited us :)

Over 130 debit card designs to choose from :)

Lu and I out of focus haha but the main point are the cards yes?

Presenter explaining to Desiree


Lu wore Ohvola Pleated Waist Skirt dark Olive which is on Backorder :)

And Off Shoulder Drape Dress white on me :)

Totally spoilt for choice!

We finally made our pick and look what we have chose,

Powder Power for me! I dont know why but this reminds me of eye shadow from Sephora haha

Lu chose Purple Scooter

And Desiree got Candy Seduction for herself

Our cards should arrive any time soon, cant wait!
Apply yours today!

Ps: I've received alot of queries in my personal email regarding the Taipei trip, will do a proper post on it soon!

Till then..


  1. Hi Jolene,

    Thanks for the blog post! Love the photos!!

    Sarah from WILD

  2. Hi Jolene,

    did you jailbreak your ipad?
    can u also recommend some interesting apps that you use for ur ipad? thanks :)

  3. Hi Sarah, sure! See you around :)

    Hello there, my ipad is pretty useless it's only to reply mails and surf the net haha so sorry no interesting apps to recommend.

  4. where does Lu gets her shoes from? love her dressing please have her model too.

  5. It's from online spree. Hahaha I wish! We have been persuading her but she refused!


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