Hello June!
Can you believe we are half way through 2011 already? My last week was really hectic with all the preparations for Sean's bday and the previous launch. This week aint any better because we had to clear all work before switching our gmails to 'Out Of Office' mode.

Time flies exceptionally fast this year!

So anyways, I baked my very first cake from scratch for Sean for the first time in my life. Ok la not really baked since it was a non-baked Oreo Cheesecake. I was supposed to do a trail one before showcasing it to the friends but after spending hours on it, I've decided to just heck it and let everyone be my guinea pig :p I was pretty sure it would taste awful but I was just too lazy. Nonetheless, I'm so glad everyone enjoyed the cake man. Whew..

@ The loft of Winebos

Don't know if I've mentioned, but they have this on going buy 2 get 1 free promo for their wine.

The food take exceptionally long to be served, so be prepared when you're there!

With my love! Finally some really short fringe hahaha

Sean and his buds

Me and my jiemeiz184

Brenda's super pretty loh!

MIA Chef Lim

Then came the surprise!!~~~~
Thankq Ree for always being so helpful :)

Here's my 心 Oreo Cheesecake :D

Happy Sean!


And the awesome people!!

Lu in Bandage Panel Toga.

And me in Keish Dainty Frock :)

@ Crystal Jade, Holland V

Sean's Mom and sisters, Charlene and Clarissa

And his humorous Dad

With mummylisa

& I wore an upcoming design Keira Kimono-inspired in Pearl White, such a flattering piece yes?

On his actual bday, we DIY-ed cakes at Icing room!

I did a small one for our 5th anniversary!

While his was for his own birthday.

I've no idea why he did a house hahaha

Then it became like this..

Dinner @ Amici, Holland V
Yep Amici again cos we had this 1-for-1 main course coupon, that was gonna expire the next day.

Roses for me!

Another upcoming piece, Trish Empire Frock in Cobalt Blue :)

To Sean's place,
The cake tasted pretty bad with all the whipped cream and colouring, but it's so cute right!

Holy shit it's 6 in the morning!
Till then..


  1. when are we making oreo cheesecake again?

  2. Let's bake something new this time :D


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