Jolly July

Woohoo 3 more hours to my actual 21st birthday and I'm home preparing for a launch tomorrow. But well the celebration is over! I was really stressed for my party initially, worried about every little hiccup that might happen. Glad it was a blast!

So pictures from last week,
Was privileged to be sponsored by for pretty nails!

Wore this upcoming piece, Waterfall Flutter Dress Black to the home based nail parlour located at Toa Payoh.

Meet Junying, the certified manicurist who has diploma in Nail Technology!

She specializes in doing acrylic nail extensions and 3D nail art. I didnt want to have extensions so she did overlay for me instead :)

After 1hr + ...


The end product! Super love it man. Pardon my short and stumpy nails. Bling bling just for my birthday cos the theme was Runway Glam hahaha

Then it was lu's turn!

Junying's friend came over. Initially I was afraid it will be kinda awkward to sit infront of your manicurist in silence. But I was wrong, Junying is really humorous and bubbly girl :D

Here's princess Jewel, so lovely~

So while Lu was at it, I took a sneak peak into her cupboard and boy.. check out the amount of 3D stuff she has!

And presenting Lu's pastel nails.

Very girly design! Her nails are super long our friends thought it was extensions haha

And being a Hello Kitty fanatic, Junying designed this for her! Started from scratch and not those paste on kinda k dont play play~

Here's the satisfied us with our pretty manicurist! Cant wait for my next visit :D

For more, visit!


Pretty menu~

Very nice place to spend your quiet afternoon

I had beer battered fish and crab chowder soup

Large variety of cakes and pastries

Thank you chef dennis!

With Charlene!

Yep yep upcoming pieces on the both of us :)

Alright time for emails.
Ohvola's launching a new collection tomorrow at 8pm so stay tuned!
Till then....


  1. Hi Jolene!

    Just wondering if you ever wore braces like your sisters?

  2. Hi Jy! Yes when I was 8 but it's no longer straight now cos I didnt bother to put the retainers :(

  3. hi jolene, can i know where did Lu buy the black short she wore? thanks.

  4. Hi babe may I ask the wedge u always wear during the photoshoot how many inches is it for the height? It is too high but yet comfortable? Was thinking to get it for work. Thanks for sharing yea :)

  5. Hi do you have the problem that after half a day, your hair would be oily?

  6. hi there, the shorts is from overseas :)

    hi babe, it's ard 4inches high yet comfortable. worth the buy!

    hi there, not really. unless i dont wash my hair for 1 whole day then it will be oily.

  7. Hi I'm so sorry am I know when are the hw shorts you manufactured arriving???? :( I've been anticipating it!!!!!

  8. does Lucinda have a blog? =)

  9. then what kind of shampoo you use?

  10. where did you get your bday cakes from? it's prettyyy!!

  11. I created a blog for Lu but she doesnt have the time to blog ): Will let you all know when she starts blogging k?

    Im using dangerously straight by Herbal Essences!

    Hi Becs, I got them online :D


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