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Walking with Faith

Hola! I'm finally on Instagram :)  Love how it makes normal looking pictures look exceptionally good!  Everyone should just start downloading it.

Can no longer stand how my set of teeth is protruding day by day. Regretted not putting on my retainers! 
And now I'm contemplating if I should go for Invisalign after seeing Xiaxue's super straight and white teeth. But i heard it's super expensive. What say you! 

And yesterday, we went down to Shenton Way to settle our insurance and road tax.
Thanks to that faithful accident, our insurance premium went up by $1.2k.
The claim was $3614 for that minor bump. Oh well better luck next time.

Alright back to emails now!
Next post : L'Oréal event :)

Till then!

That's my story and I'll stick to it



Back from a little shopping in town. Scored an oversized wearover and 2 sandals which was on sale at Zara. Major love for shopping on weekdays!
And we finally dropped by Antoinette @ Mandarin Gallery for tea today. A really pretty place! (highly recommended by dennis)

Photos soon :)

 Meet Taylor boy & Little Miss Cola! 

Me and my new cheek stain, ChaChaTint by Benefit. I'm not a fan of pink/red blusher so BeneTint and PosieTint was a no-no for me. I got really excited when I saw this at the counter today, so happy they released a new orangey coral addition to their line. Yay gonna start using it tomorrow :D

Till then..

Sick Cat

My fever has been going on and off for days. Hate how I have been spending my weekends in bed. Never felt so awful like that. 

Just last night, my temperature shot up to 39degrees. I had 3 wool cardigan on and covered with double blankets but I was still shivering. I looked like a zombie, yellow skin with purple veins. Sean had to use a hair dryer to keep me warm.

So glad I'm feeling better now. My mom said, last night was 七月十四 of the hungry ghost festival. Which means the 'fiercest' day of the festival. Thank god they didn't take me away.

So thankful for my family and Sean.
Time to get up and fight the sickbugs.
Have you seen Ohvola's preview on Fb?  The next launch will be up on Sat 11am :)

On Lu is her favourite item of the collection. Warehouse Inspired Knit Dress in Red.  Funny how she has already worn all 4 colours this week! The girls at our suppliers kept a piece each for themselves too. Cy's keeping the red piece for CNY hahaha she's too cute!
& On me is the Oversized knitted top in Black. Perfect for lazy days out :) credits to

Zara inspired Overlapping sleeve blouse in Tiffany. Yep this piece has exposed zip as shown below :) 
credits to

Sailor Wees' 21st last week. Great night! 

Criss Cross Ruche Frock in Tiffany!