Walking with Faith

Hola! I'm finally on Instagram :) 
Love how it makes normal looking pictures look exceptionally good!  Everyone should just start downloading it.

Here's a pic of me on Instagram! 

Can no longer stand how my set of teeth is protruding day by day. Regretted not putting on my retainers! 
And now I'm contemplating if I should go for Invisalign after seeing Xiaxue's super straight and white teeth. But i heard it's super expensive. What say you! 

Fooling around with self timer before heading out hah
Lunch @ Sakae
She removed her braces if you didnt realise! Lu in Sleek Bodycon Cobalt Blue

Never knew Sakae has abalone!
And me in Pleated Frill Camisole in blue! 

Helpful manager offered to take a photo of both of us! 
Then while paying, Lu went 'dont move, stalker at the back alert!' 

And yesterday, we went down to Shenton Way to settle our insurance and road tax.
Thanks to that faithful accident, our insurance premium went up by $1.2k.
The claim was $3614 for that minor bump. Oh well better luck next time.

Lu in her favourite, High Society Work Blouse! 
And me in my kinda style, Holly Knit Top. 

Alright back to emails now!
Next post : L'Oréal event :)

Till then! 


  1. May i know where Lu bought her ipad case with keyboard? Thanks!

  2. Hi, may I know whr u buy ur black jelly sandals (w ribbon) frm? It's really nice.

    Thanks ;)

  3. Hi, is your Chanel lambskin? :)

  4. Ipad case is a gift from our supplier! She got it from China but I think you can get it from random electronic accessories shop :)

    Hello there, it's from Ferragamo :)

    Nope it's Caviar :)

  5. stay the way you are now my gorgeous girl! you dont need to change for the world, the world change for you. <<

  6. hi will the purple short in latest collection to be launched?

  7. Do you sister keep a blog?

  8. what size do you wear for the prettyfit wedges?

  9. Hi! May i noe wer lu got her mustard yellow bag from?

  10. hi, may i know where you got the white chiffon dress? Is it a new launch? thanks!


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