That's my story and I'll stick to it

Love their Queen Antoinette logo
Colourful cakes & pastries  

Rosette Chiffon Frock on Lu (unreleased)
Very French-ish interoir
I want Sean's double eyelid so much!

Seafood Gratin
Seafood Aglio olio
Savory Blinis with smoked salmon
Gnocchi Carbonara

Long brown hair~

Cascading Cardigan Cobalt blue (unreleased) 
Shopping for accessories 
The boys hate paparazzi shots
Massimo Dutti

Our rack at First Day @ Plaza Sing


  1. hi,will the dress that lu wore be out in Ohvola?

  2. Hi where is the ohvola rack ?

  3. Hi,where did you get your necklace?

  4. Next collection :)

    Rack is at First Day, PS!

    Necklace from overseas!

  5. i have a girl friend's birthday coming up soon and i don't know what to get for her. her family is quite rich. any suggestions?

  6. I love the cobalt blue cardigan! :D can preorder anot? hahaha jkjk, but the colour really very pretty (: when is it launching?

  7. You single eyelid?

  8. I'd say something DIY-ed would be good, if not accessories! A girl can never have too many accessories :)

    So glad you like it! Launching tomorrow at 830pm :)

  9. hello jolene, may i know is all the items for ohvola's collection put up on the rack at ps? or only selective clothings?

    thanks! :)

  10. doesnt seems like single eyelid! It's nice! Share w us what ya use for your eyes makeup!

  11. Hello there, not all items are on the rack. But we might be adding some unreleased items there soon :)

    It's like 'Nei Shuang'. I beg to differ babe, I hate my eyes.

  12. Hi may I ask if Lu is ur younger or older Sis? Whr did she put on her braces? What is the color tat she dyed her hair? Did she own a blog? Many thanks! :)


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