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Dont Be Afraid To Dream

Hello! Cant believe I've been blogging so diligently this month.
Heh before I start on my blog entry tonight, I would like to ask you readers to do my friend, Vincent, a favour! 
He is in a competition organized by UFM 1003 which will take take place at Bugis Junction this Sat. There is this Facebook voting competition going on so simply click on his picture below and ''Like'' it on Fb. That easy :) 
Oh yes, do listen to the short introduction clip of his HERE. I'm pretty sure you will like his voice. I really think he has what it takes to be a Dj/Host! So thank you in advance! :)

Was invited to Holiday Inn Atrium for NTU HALL10 DnD last Friday. Ohvola and Access-ed were their apparels sponsor, we were also one of the judges for the pageant that night. :)

Cousin Ilisia's sweet fourteen birthday @ Honjin

''My Friends Are My Estate''

Elle's 21st 

Wednesday night, Em By The River

Marmalade Pantry