L’Oreal Paris Revitalift White Launch Event

Was invited to the launch of L’Oreal Paris Revitalift White together with Lu and Desiree :)

L’Oreal Academie

The theme was Red & White :)

Having the light snacks they catered!

Mirror for everyone for the little contest 
Serious at work! But didnt win at last hah
Lu and her award winning mirror!

With Irene who invited us to the launch :) 

There are many types of Anti Ageing products in the market so choosing the right one for your skin will never be easy. I never thought I should apply anti ageing products until I turn 25 but guess what, I  recently see brown spots on face which is so disturbing. 

Good thing I was introduced to this new product by L’Oreal, endorsed by Hebe Tien. 

L’Oreal Paris Revitalift White Day Cream SPF18

This day cream is developed specifically for women who are not quite ready to use an intensive anti-aging treatment (which is me!), but still seeks to fight the first signs of ageing.

It is an 'all-in-one' solution, designed to simultaneously address the 15 key signs of ageing in one single step. 
  1. Reduces dark spots 
  2. Reduces fine lines
  3. Improves suppleness
  4. Reduces wrinkles
  5. Boosts radiance
  6. Tightens skin
  7. Evens skin toe
  8. Protects against UV rays
  9. Brightens complexions
  10. Hydrates skin
  11. Smoothens skin
  12. Lightens skin tone
  13. Enhances luminosity
  14. Softens skin
  15. Fight signs of ageing

Active Ingredients 
Pro-Retinol A (Prevents Premature Ageing): Reduces wrinkles and fine lines by stimulating cell renewal Helps to thicken the epidermis for a complexion that looks soft, smooth and supple
Vitamin B3 (For Fairer, Translucent & More Radiant Skin): Evens out patchy skin tones & lightens skin without a trace of brown spots or pigmentation by inhibiting the transfer of skin-darkening melanin to skin cells
Shea Butter (For Hydration) Holds moisture within your skin and strengthens the lipid barrier in your skin, leaving your skin soft and glowing

Retailing at $27.90 (50ml) and available at Watsons, Guardian, SASA, Selected Department stores, Supermarkets & Hypermarkets

L’Oreal Paris Revitalift White Essence

Advanced Whitening. Spot & Wrinkle Corrector

Retailing at $34.90 (30ml) and available at Watsons, Guardian, SASA, Selected Department stores, Supermarkets & Hypermarkets

Ps: Visit the L’Oreal Paris promotional area this September @ Amk Hub Fairprice Xtra for extra giveaway with purchase. Stand to win a trip for 2 to Taiwan with purchase of either Revitalift White Day Cream Or Revitalift White Essence! Good luck!


  1. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150435457503782&set=at.10150435455158782.458750.648613781.606178499&type=1&ref=nf

    hey where did you buy your black cardigan frm? and where did lu bought her red cardi. from?

  2. hi dear! would you consider doing a event with another online store? event such as inviting customers down to shop for clothes :)

  3. hello! is ohvola hiring any helpers? :)

  4. hi, may i know what curler is desiree using? saw her helping you curl for your 21st too and it looked real pretty and lasting :) hope to hear from you, thank you.

  5. Hi babe, the black cardi is an upcoming piece. Red jacket was sold2 collections back on Ohvola.

    Hello there! You might want to email us ohvola@gmail.com :)

    Hi there, not at the moment! Thanks for asking :)

    Hello the brand is called NEO. It's a flat iron! You can get it from 2nd level of plaza sing :)

  6. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha how come I didn't know I did your hair on your birthday??? -poppy

  7. Hi! May I know whats the brand of the watch Lu wore to the Loreal event? It's really pretty!

  8. Hi may i know where Des got her knitted cardi from? Thks!

  9. Maybe she meant Charlene la :p

    The watch is from BCBG :)

    F21 if im not wrong :)


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