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So last Saturday was Rainee's 21st @ Naumi. The night where we literally got chased out of the hotel. The staff just stood right at the door and refused to leave haha we had alot of fun nonetheless! 

Ohvola Outdoor Shoot II

A video done by xpoppy, more of her vlogs on her channel!
Psst look out for the upcoming pieces :)

Till then

All the good times

Back from Ohvola's cover shoot! As usual it was scorching hot and super tiring, thank god we dont have to do this very often. Was telling Lu we should go somewhere indoor with air-conditioning in future before Xyu and I hate outdoor shoots hah. Became much tanner again despite the massive spam of sunblock, boo!

So we will be updating with a new collection sometime this week, a night launch this time! Before I forget, really sorry but we will be blacklisting customers who back out/MIA from their buys due to the rise of deadbuyers recently. We have no choice either ): So please please only add the items to cart if youre 100% sure you're getting it.


Dinner @Ps Cafe

Royal Room after dinner 

Ktv @Teo Heng