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Hi all! This post has been in my draft since forever, finally gonna post it today.

So we hope the new site has been good so far! Thou there were some hiccups during the first launch, glad all is good now. Really thankful to all the well wishes from the sweetest customers. Lu was so touched, she started forwarding all the 'blessings emails' to her personal gmail for keepsake, yes for real haha. 

Before the launch some customers were asking if the site would crash, but we ourselves do not know. (glad it didnt) Thou we did purchase a dedicated server with larger bandwidth to handle the traffic. We had sleepless nights worrying if everything would be smooth, all the preparations, the canvas bags and the promotions. 

I'm sure you have seen the various banners up and running on our site. Yep they are all done by Lu. Are you impressed? Because I am hah. Lu is the creative director and also my boss in Ohvola. Her workload is prolly x2 of mine. Anybody out there wanna reduce her workload? We are looking for freelance graphic designers. As long as you can do up pretty banners like what we have, drop us an email with the portfolio of your work.

Alrighty time for peektures! 
Behind the scenes from Ohvola's outdoor covershoot :)

We started as early as 8am that very Sunday.
With Desiree the makeup artist for the day, and Xyu looking really fresh!

As usual, we have Charlene as our hair stylist :)
And here's Elle who came down all the way from West Coast!
Walking over to location1! Apparently Elle hates the sun hah
And here we go! 
We had 3 photographers that morning. Presenting YewPang, Calvin and Lucinda!

Weet! Spotted any piece you like? *winks*
And meet special guest,  Taylor boy!
Heh my precious baby!
And here's location2, the bridge!

Thankyou Cheng and Geraldine for helping out that morning!
Hi what's up

And here's the end product!

Seeking refuge in the aircon! 

Ok back for next shoot! 

Am so loving Xyu's brows! So perfectly shaped! 
Long long walk to location3, the lalang fields!

Yep yep hardwork! All the insects + ants, but still maintaining a smile~
Not forgetting my baby! Looking really exhausted.
One good thing about Taylor is that he never barks at anyone! Not even if the other dog barks at him.
Hopefully he remains like this forever, cos I heard that some dogs tend to bark alot when they get older hmm

Then our last location! That's when the sun is at its best, 12pm!
We were all sunburnt and shagged out at the end of the shoot.

Elle was saying, "wtf this is damn lame la" but I kinda like this pic! 

Meanwhile, Sean camwhoring w Cheng hahaha
Heh charlene so cute!
''Lets all look at the trees on the left and pretend to laugh!"

Yep I'm 1.64m and yet the shortest :(
Here's my favourite from the lot!
With everyone!

It was a really tiring yet fun morning. Thank you EVERYONE who made this shoot possible! 
Looking forward to our next outdoor shoot :)
Till then..


  1. I wanna participate in the next outdoor shoot! :)) haha
    Strength: curl hair (average) and take good behind the scene photos! :)

  2. Hi may I know where do u trim your brows? Or xyu's

  3. care to share how to walk to the lalang field? :)

  4. Hi jolene!
    May i know where you got the brown sandals? :D

  5. hi jolene, i hope you can help. lu got mx the cupcakes, is it nice? what flavours she order?

  6. Hahaha yes Charlene we definitely need you in the next outdoor shoot! :D

  7. I trim my brows at a random shop at Hougang Central by a China lady. Will ask Xyu and let you know again!

  8. Turn left from Popeyes then all the way in!

  9. Thanks pretty babe! But I don't see any of your sandals from their site :<

  10. hi jolene

    for mustard dress in ohvola fb cover,when will u launch?
    i love ur red dress and xyu white dress?what material are they?when do u launch?

  11. Hi,

    Im a big fan of Ohvola's apparels and im hoping that you are able to manufacture the clothes in bigger sizes in future! e.g Uk 10-12. Just a suggestion! :)

  12. Honestly the cupcakes didnt taste really good. Chocolate!

  13. Ahh then I guess it's oos! But they have new arrivals coming up tonight :)

  14. Hello there good to hear :)
    they are made of Chiffon! Launching at the end of the oct.

  15. Hi dear, yep suggestion noted! :)

  16. Hi Jolene,
    I'll like to ask where you got your highwaisted shorts from?
    Thanks ((:

  17. Sup sup sup, we look cute.

  18. where is this place? The red bridge!

  19. Hi there, may I know whr do u get the white clutch from?

  20. Love every piece of Ohvola's workpiece. So beautiful(: will there be any shorts coming soon? Love the military short I bought the other time; received many compliments:))

  21. Hey babe!
    Sorry left the comment in the wrong post. May i know when the orange dress the model is wearing will be launched? Its so nice :))

  22. Hey babe, the red shorts that you wore with navy blazer on this photo;

    are you selling them? or do you know where i can get them?

  23. Hi babe high waisted shorts is an upcoming design!

  24. Sup Lxue! When will I see your face again?

  25. Hi babe thanks so much for your kind words! Yep we do have a couple of shorts coming up:) Stay tuned!

  26. Hi Orange dress is Tie-knot work dress from our latest arrival!

  27. Red shorts is from Zara, in midst of manufacturing them:)

  28. hi yes, the white clutch! :)

  29. hi where is this place? near punggol?


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