Love of my life

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Happy 64th Monthsary xb <3

Lunch @ Wild Rocket
10A Upper Wilkie Road, Hangout @ Mount Emily 
Docked at the first level of Hangout Hotel, a very simple yet homely interior.
Rather empty during lunch time on a Friday as compared to what Hungrygowhere stated
Acting cool
Giant glass window

I think I might have overused this bag of mine
Vainpot Sean and his kukoo hairdo
Here's Lychee beer from Taiwan! Anyone knows where I can get it?
They had this Executive Lunch 3 course meal priced at $35++. Pretty worth the price!
Must Try : Strawberry Cheesecake in a Martini glass

Till then..


  1. may i know what is the brand of the curling which lucinda use to curl her hair? is it cheap?

  2. how much is the chanel bag you are carrying? :)

  3. hiya, can i know where you bought the necklace you wore for the photoshoot of alluring in pleats dress green? thx^^

  4. you can get the lychee beer from the restaurant at punggol park. :)

  5. Hi there, the brand is Neo. You can get it at Plaza sing for $180.

  6. The one I just bought is $2.3k :)

  7. Ahh thanks so sweet of you! Will go check it out one day :)

  8. Hi dear, who help u design the new ohvola web? is the charge exp? Can I have the person info as i am looking for someone to design my website :)

  9. Hey, do check Relish. It sells lychee beer and all sorts of unique beer from many countries. There's one outlet at Serangoon garden, inside Maju Mall (:

    ps/ congrats to having such a long and lasting r/s with sean! you two look so good together!

  10. hi, may i knw where did u get ur leopard headband frm ur other post? thx :)

  11. Hi, 2.3k SGD? May i have the model title. Thank you :)

  12. Hi jolene, i would like to do a surprise party for my bf. any hotel and ideas you can help me with.

  13. Hi there, you can look for Lionel from Ripplewerkz :)

  14. Oh Maju Mall I've never been there! Thanks so much sweet, appreciate it :)

  15. Yep it's Sgd but I've no idea what's the model number, it's the classic PST babe.

  16. Hey babe!
    The purple 3.4 sleeved dress that the model is wearing in this post- is it the orange dress in the latest launch or is it an upcoming piece? :) TIA!

  17. how often do you go bkk for a buying trip? love how your apparels are for young office ladies and unique!

    i've yet to go to bkk, is it possible to find similar outfits that you are selling in ohvola there too?


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