So last Saturday was Rainee's 21st @ Naumi. The night where we literally got chased out of the hotel. The staff just stood right at the door and refused to leave haha we had alot of fun nonetheless! 
The room was very nicely decorated! 
The guest book the birthday girl prepared:)

Custom made Hello Kitty x  Masquerade cookies as door gifts! Perfecto! 
 Lu wore the upcoming PLEAT SKATER DRESS in Wine!
All geared up!
Yuck check out my bursting eye bags lol

Colourful polaroids! The must-have in every party :) 
With R's bf Ivan, the guy behind this awesome party!  
One of the most beautiful cake ever!
My fav group <3
And the Ngee Ann people!
So nicely baked! Except that R requested for rainbow interior but it came all chocolate
oh bummer! I've never seen a rainbow cake irl :(
Pardon Sean hahaha
I wore LE WATERFALL JACKET, really comfy piece!
As usual games time! Check out the silly girls in the bathrobes 
Matching mask!
Desiree can pull of red lipsticks really well! 
The board the girls did!
And a classic chain necklace from us. So glad she liked it! 
And a Hermes bangle from Ivan!!! 
Here's a photo of Sean and I ^^
Haven't been meeting Sean very often ever since he got transferred to a new Airbase ):  We used to meet almost everyday! But now he goes to bed extremely early and wakes up at 5am every morning :O Works on PH and sometimes on weekends. So glad his OIL is next week! We can finally go for our usual dates! 
Till then..


  1. How much was the necklace bought for rainee? Any idea what's the model? Thanks (:

  2. Hello! I used to be from Ngee Ann Poly too!:D What course are you previously in?:)

    Btw, do you mind help me ask your fren where does she order the Hellokitty biscuits and ballons? :D


  3. I absoutely love how the party was decorated! Does she have a blog or smth? I hope I can ask her for some info regarding the cake and decorations!

  4. My I know where rainie bought her cakes from? And where to get all the happy birthday banner?

  5. You might want to check at the Taka outlet it should still be available :)

  6. Hello I was from Logistics! She ordered the biscuits from an online bakery but cannot remember the name ): balloons are from Mtradenoveltystore!

  7. The happy birthday banner was DIY-ed! cake is from online as well.

  8. the crochet ruche bustier that Desiree wear is from ohvola? is it in nude but ohvola only has off-white turquoise and bla k? it's nice. &ard how much is the Chanel classic chain necklace?

  9. Heard from Desiree that the version of crochet ruche bustier is an unreleased item from Ohvola? May i know when is it releasing? It's so pretty! Do you still happen to have instocks/bo open for that?

  10. Are you guys still hiring graphic designers frm what you say on your previous post? How do interested applicants email you? Thank you.

  11. May I ask do you where can I get those birthday banners from?

  12. We have the crochet bustier coming up in December Nude/Coral/Pink! Perfect for cny ;)

  13. Hi there, we've got a graphic designer. Thanks for your interest!

  14. Hi there, it was DIY by Rainee :)

  15. What about the black you're wearing?


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