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November Babies

To Mbs for Dennis' 21st birthday last weekend.

Fran's XXth birthday @ The Line. They say a woman's age is a top secret so XX it shall be :)

The Happenings

0229am Uploaded a whole chunk of pictures yet no inspiration to blog. I need to get them posted up by hook or by crook thou my facial appointment is at 1030am tomorrow. Oh mans who wakes up so early on a Sunday! I must be out of my mind when I chose this time slot. Will prolly just knock out while Yan mends my face. 
Some behind the scene shots from the outdoor shoot last week, hmm indoor I would say since it was taken at the airport. If you saw our fb preview you'd have seen our new face, Freda. She's really stunning in real life. Huge eyes, sharp nose, glowing complexion ++ Felt so ugly standing beside her.
Oh well..

Big thank you to Desiree, who never fails to curl my hair for every outdoor shoot and making sure i look good.

Charlene who assisted us in every way and taking all the behind the scene photos, so no Charlene no photos!

And lastly photographer Jeff from Pixlhub, check out his amazing work here!

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