All in all weekend

Boo back to work Tuesday! So much parcels accumulated during the long weekends to pack. Planning to start our day earlier than usual but Lu is still not back home from Malacca. Hmm and I'm patiently waiting for my supper from Jb 101. Starved.. 

Anws we had some family time today over at ECP, picnic by the beach. Dropped my phone on the pathway while walking Taylor. How unfortunate. I shouldnt have thrown away the Hello Kitty casing even thou it was turning yellow. Good thing the camera still works fine. Anyone knows where I can fix this mess? TIA! 

Outfit of the day!

Last week to Adrian's @ Beechwood Grove. For the first time, we dressed up to Halloween. I was told that because Adrian's neighbors are mostly AngMos so every year on Halloween, they will close the roads from 6-8pm for the kids to go around the neighborhood for Trick or Treat. So much fun! But sadly we didnt reach in time to join the fun due to an Ocbc event. (will blog about it another day) Oh well..


Starting our walk!  +some strangers
Desiree the Nu Gui 
Jayr the Joker #WIN
With his witch
Captain jack's friend is me!
Prisoner on the loose! He had a hard time removing his tattoos at the end of the night lol 
Teenage witch and her Dead Soldier!
Vinc's the fallen angel, that explains his walking stick + Wanqian the real angel!
Lu's the red devil!

Best decorated house! So much effort put in man
We met Mary had a little lamb
And the Incredibles!

Guys very enthu
Till next year! 

Men-Ichi is my new found restaurant @Nex, located in Shokutsu10. Not sure if i've mentioned this, I'm a huge fan of ramen, so glad I no longer have to travel all the way to town to satisfy my cravings :)
Do share with me your favourite ramen place!
Here's my top 3 choices!

  1. Marutama
  2. Ippudo
  3. Nantsuttei


Sean looks so beng with his cap lol

My yummy Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen! Doesnt look very appealing without all the veges thou :/


Arbite for brunch @ Serangoon gardens.

Quality food and excellent service.

Managed to get the long table! 

Eggs Benedict

Croque Madame
Smoked salmon smorgasbord
Arbite Breakfast
Hot chocolate was exceptionally good!

OOTD Carla in dress version!

More sneak peeks!
This upcoming blazer is love!
Xyu immediately went "I WANT!" when she saw this coral piece. Also available in Turquoise & Navy :)

My fav Exposed Zipper Colourblock dress that I kept in 2 combi! Quality assured :)

Here's our inspiration! 

Alrighty! That's all for now.
P/s Lu officially has a blog, visit

Till then..


  1. Hi, is the peterpan long sleeved top gonna be launched in the upcoming launch? Also, is the fitting similar to the Pussybow long sleeved top? Thank You so much! :D

  2. you can get it fix at 261 Waterloo Street, Waterloo Centre, #02-21. its around 90 bucks if Im not wrong. Also, where is the street you guys celebrated your halloween at?
    thanks babe!

  3. Hey there, where did you get your pirates costume from? Thanks much!

  4. Hi dear where you got the bag you carry to ecp? (;

  5. omg... the exposed zipper colourblock dress.. WANT!! when will this be launched? will this come in a bigger size and fit a 10/12?

  6. Yes it is! Available in Navy White Mustard :) Which pussybow long sleeve top are you referring to? Cos we have quite a few.

  7. Thanks for sharing! Will prolly go check it out soon :) It's Beechwood Grove, somewhere in Woodlands.

  8. The outfit was from my wardrobe, just mix and match hah

  9. Hi babe I got it from Cityplaza :)

  10. Launching on Friday!! It's free sized thou! Measurements will be up on the Ohvola's blog tomorrow :)

  11. Sorry for the bag right, you got it recently? do you remember the shop name?:)

  12. Hi babe, which colour you kept for the upcoming blazer?? What other items you kept? thanks :)

  13. Hi babe, are u selling the shorts that xyu matched with the blazer?

  14. And please try ramen santouka at the central. Best ramen ever! Its better than ippudo imho. Try their signature pork cheeks ramen.

  15. Hi
    You can get it changed at far east plaza . The shop name is mobilesoft .its #02-14 or #02-24. there's few colours to choose frm. I also got it changed there. The price is less than $40.

  16. I got the bag really long time back dont remember the shop name ):

  17. Babe we both kept alot from this collection :/ For the blazer, i kept tiff while lu kept navy!

  18. Hi! The shorts are manufacturing in progress.

  19. Thanks for sharing!! Will definitely give it a try :)

  20. Hello thanks for sharing! $40 seems like a great deal ;)

  21. Hi Jolene, can i know where did you get the clutch for this collection!/photo.php?fbid=10150249397202975&set=a.10150249396612975.366464.116684077974&type=3&theater

    thanks in advance^^

  22. hey babe, may i know for ur 21st bday cake, how heavy did u order? 2kg? & does it taste nice? thx

  23. Hi Jolene, may I know when will Carla (dress version) be launched? :)


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