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0229am Uploaded a whole chunk of pictures yet no inspiration to blog. I need to get them posted up by hook or by crook thou my facial appointment is at 1030am tomorrow. Oh mans who wakes up so early on a Sunday! I must be out of my mind when I chose this time slot. Will prolly just knock out while Yan mends my face. 

Some behind the scene shots from the outdoor shoot last week, hmm indoor I would say since it was taken at the airport. If you saw our fb preview you'd have seen our new face, Freda. She's really stunning in real life. Huge eyes, sharp nose, glowing complexion ++ Felt so ugly standing beside her.
Oh well..

Here's my favourite top of the collection! Layering tiered top that I'm definitely keeping in all colours.
Perfect for layering without looking fat, trust me! 
Xyu in Crochet Knit Cardigan that got wiped out the day we stocked in at First Day!
Dont you think Xyu looks like a mix Rebecca lim + Ong Ai Leng? 
Right right? Esp in this photo! Even her mom thinks she looks and speaks like Rebecca lim. 

Meet Freda!
My pretty models!

Had alot of fun working with the 2 of them :)

Big thank you to Desiree, who never fails to curl my hair for every outdoor shoot and making sure i look good.

Charlene who assisted us in every way and taking all the behind the scene photos, so no Charlene no photos!
Kai Xin Guo(s)

And lastly photographer Jeff from Pixlhub, check out his amazing work here! 

Bloggers Event @ FRANK by Ocbc Vivocity. 
FRANK by Ocbc has officially launched the FRANK Credit Card and its 3rd FRANK STORE at Vivo last tuesday. Was privileged to be once again invited to the event organized by Ocbc. 

Standing right in front of the 3rd FRANK Store, the other 2 stores are located at SMU & NTU.
We had to dress up according to the card designs and guess what I chose!
Probably the coolest bank ever
Where we met Agnes and Bf, really nice people :)

Prints! Saw a couple of people dressed in leopards prints as well. Easiest way out I guess hahaha
Love my outfit that night, especially Nikki Jacket in mustard that went so well with the printed bandage skirt! 
Here's my FRANK debit card I did a couple of months back. 
Spot Lu and I! 


Get rewarded when you pay on time! How good is that?
FRANK Credit Card holders who pay their credit card bill on time consecutively for 6 months in the first membership year will be rewarded with vouchers! Also, Credit Card holders can choose to exchange their reward points for cash rebate.

Log on to for more details.
Dont forget to check out their award winning limited edition card designs!

Everyone says I've the worst handwriting ever

Sarah looking good in her chic outfit!
Spotted! Shine in Flutter Empire Burgundy :)
Doing abit of cam whoring in the toilet

Weekly ktv session!
Outfit of the day:  Yves Crochet Cardigan + Belted Pleat shorts
The black shorts comes with a red belt as seen on the preview but you can simply remove it for another look!
Love my new burnt orange wedge :)  
All 3 of us in different shades of orange! See the plastic bag of Gongcha goodness? 
Sakae for quick dinner!
The kbox @Scape has every room designed with different themes. Cool stuff.
The previous one we went was Snoopy haha
We only visit kbox when there's promo if not our alternative would definitely be Teoheng, cheap and good! 

Thumbs up for the good service @Scape!

And yesterday we headed town yet again to shop for Mom's birthday present!
Outfit of the day: Embroidery Kaftan Frock :) 
Zooming in on the pretty Embroidery detail, very nicely done!
Embarrassed about my horrifying looking hair, that's how it looks like when I dont have the time to curl/straighten.
Sigh I used to have really nice hair :(
Bought my first B bag yesterday! 

Best mother in the whole wide world! 

Dinner at Daikokuya @ Paragon
Where we witnessed 7 japanese customers bullying a waitress just because of a wrong order. Bullying to the extend of throwing the bill right at her face. Yet the rest of us couldnt do anything to stand up for her. How agonizing!!

Super yummy mini scallops!

Alright time to crash. Ohvola FALL TRAVELOGUE launching at 1130am :)
Next up, Sponsored review, Maybelline!
Till then..


  1. Where do u gt the black wedges that u wore to Frank? And pls launch carla in dress ver earlier, have been waiting for a v v v long time :)

  2. Hi babe I got it at a random shop from level 1 of FEP! Available in pink as well.

    Noted! We shall launch it in the next collection :)

  3. Hi is the flutter empire in burgundy ohvola's new collection?

  4. hi dear, where did u get the polka dot wedges!

  5. hi babe, where did u got the new burnt orange wedge? & also the brown wedge that the new model, Freda is wearing in the collection? thanks!

  6. Hi Christina that piece was launched before we moved to .com! will be stocking blue and mint at FD next week :)

  7. Hi there, it's sold out :)

  8. Hello burnt orange wedge from FEP, brown wedge from as well :)

  9. hi do u rmber which store u got the black wedge frm fep? any store u rmber that us near it? thanks! may i noe if u still rmber the price?

  10. Hi Jolene, what are the colors for Carla dress? U kept which colors?

  11. Hi babe, i m a huge balenciaga fan.. U brought which one "P
    Also i felt Ohvola are really slow in replying customer email :(

  12. Hi jolene! May i know where did ohvola got the gold buckle belt? Thank you!

  13. Hi Jolene, please share what you gotten from balenciaga!!

  14. hello there, i dont remember the name of the shop but it's near toilet!

  15. hello! we have Blue, Navy, White, Purple. I have the white one in top version so I kept Blue :)
    Still thinking if I should keep the dark purple pcs!

  16. Ahh.. thanks for your feedback we will work on it! Anws I got a classic city in grey :)

  17. Hi desiree! Do check out our facebook page for the belt giveaway :)

  18. I dont have a blog actually, so do you mind telling me where can i get the belt? Thanks

  19. Hi Jolene, if I never see wrongly, do you own a Ferragamo shoe? :)

  20. can I know where is the Balenciaga store? I cant seem to find it.

  21. Hi jolene, the wedge that you wore with THE EVERYDAY BLAZER. what size you wore?

  22. Hi Desiree, we should be selling them sometime soon :)

  23. Hi there, yes I do have shoes from ferragamo :)


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