November Babies

To Mbs for Dennis' 21st birthday last weekend.
In the upcoming Pleat n Ruche V.2, with fully covered back this time. Gotta love this piece!
Fav pizza hut drumlets never fails!
Delivered SOD! 2nd outlet now opened at Toa Payoh Bus Interchange. First healthy bbt :)
Geraldine looks so cute with food in her mouth!
Photo bombed by Char
F4.. not! haha
A mini poker session
Collecting cake with the birthday boy!
Happy 21st my awesome friend, Dennis aka Mr nice guy!

Here's a photo of Jacintha and I in the same dress! :) 
Jac looking great in Pleant n Ruche Coral v.1 launched a couple of months back!
With prettay muffin!
Doing a woosh before we left for casino as requested by the birthday boy
Spent a good 3hrs inside and left. Lost $$ again :(
Changed into Kate Textured Knit top the next day. Super popz piece among my friends:)

Fran's XXth birthday @ The Line. They say a woman's age is a top secret so XX it shall be :)
My first time to the highly raved buffet
Er Jie & Da Jie
Meet my new classic! it looks like black here but it's actually grey!

Very large varitey of food

Pretty cake I ordered! No prizes for guessing where it is from :)
Sisters 4 life!
The precious 5, my family.
Upcoming Tulip skirt in Navy <3
Shall end off with a photo of Sean and I. It's our 66th monthsary tomorrow!

Dont forget to catch Ohvola's launch at 2pm :)
Till then..


  1. Hi where did u get those chucky necklace?

  2. Good choice for your first Bal! It is gorgeous. The Classic City is one to keep. The colour looks like anthracite. How much did you got it for? Next time you can do a email order to Bal London. Way cheaper than SG! :)

  3. Hi! Where did lucinda got the black belt she paired with the green pleats in ruches dress? I love the belt!! Thanks :)

  4. Bring in more tops that can match with jeans! ;)

  5. Hi Becky! Thanks it's my current fav bag. I got it for $2.1k thou :/ Do you know how much cheaper it is? You mean I can just order from the site? Thanks :)

  6. Roger that! We do have many more pretty tops coming up :)

  7. Hi, I think ohvola should create a formspring account so if there's any request/ question people can asked there! (: (just a suggestion)

  8. Love what I got from this collection! Looking forward to the upcoming ones^^ Just a question, are the high waist shorts you mentioned you were manufacturing, the ones from the previous collection?

  9. I will email you regarding Bal London! :)

  10. hi Jolene, can u know the name for your b bag is classic city? lampskin?
    is there any different in hardware?

  11. Happy 66th Month-sary my love!
    cya soon!

  12. Hey Becky, Jol

    Am also interested in bal london! mind sharing the details? :D

    Are the leather shorts featured in your site be up for sale too?

    Thank you! :)

  13. hi becky,

    do share here with all of us on the Bal from London :)

  14. when are you launching the tulip skirt? colours?

  15. Hi anon, noted your feedback! Will discuss with Lu ;)

  16. Hi C, no that's not the HWS. So sorry to have kept you waiting :/

  17. Thanks so much again Becky! There are other girls interested to know more about balenciaga too :)

  18. Hi anon, yes it is classic city! I'm not too sure about the various hardware too :/

  19. Hi there, we should be launching the skirts at the end of this month. Stay tuned!

  20. Is your B bag city or part time? The cutting is just nice look like a part time :)

  21. hey, where did you customize your cakes for birthday?

  22. where's your dad??


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