OCBC ONline Banking

So last week Lu and I were invited to Ocbc ONline Banking event over at Group Therapy @ Duxton. For those who already have an ONline Banking account should have realised that OCBC revamped the entire ONline Banking site. And for those who dont have an account with OCBC, it's time!

Interior of the cafe
Very cosy place. Need to check out their food menu one day!

Presenting you the revamped OCBC ONline banking! The site has become very much cleaner and more user friendly. I was really impressed with a couple of new functions upon hearing them from the presenters. 

The first would definitely be the Savings Goals function. 
Basically it sets savings targets for different purposes and integrate them in one account! It automatically sets aside the amount you want to save within a timeframe.

Giving us an insight of Ocbc Mobile banking.

Next is the Scan-n-pay using mobile banking! I was told that Ocbc is the first to come up with this Scan-n-pay function. Simply scan the barcodes on the bills and make payments from your Ocbc Bank account. You do not have to worry about typing the wrong reference number when making payment! 

Are you impressed yet? Because I am. Not only Axs/Sam machine scans barcodes, your very own Iphone can do it too. It's no longer a hassle to pay bills! 


Experience it yourself today! 

Us with Sarah, thanks for the invitation dear :)

Till then..


  1. hey babe,

    may I know which company you seek help from to do up your Ohvola's page? are the rates high? need it for my work! thanks! :)

  2. Hi Jolene, can i know where did you get the clutch for this collection


    thanks in advance^^

  3. Hi Jolene. When will Ohvola be launching the Carla dresses? In what colors? Can't wait!!!

  4. Thanks for the post! :)

    - Sarah

  5. Hi Hychen, Ripplewerks! It depends on your requirements actually :)

  6. Hi babe, it's from one of our older collections :)

  7. Hi babe prolly in Dec! We have it in White/Purple/Navy/Blue :)

  8. Sure Sarah! Thanks for dropping by :)


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