Jolly December

Yay Christmas in less than 2 weeks! But sad to say I'm all stuck here this year end with no vacations. Thanks to CNY which is arriving too soon, 3rd week of Jan? 

Oh well I am sure looking forward to the short break we will be taking after all this peak period. Meanwhile we will work doubly hard for this festive season. Btw we will be having a couple of lovingly manufactured clutches for CNY too! Really excited for our CNY apparels to reach us, they are streaming in bit by bit so stay tuned :) 

Visited the opening of Antoinette's 3rd outlet @ Scarlet Hotel to support Dennis 
Outfit of the day: Upcoming Knit Outerwear with The Tulip Skirt in Russet launching tomorrow at 2pm!
Available in size S and M so not to worry there isnt any elastic back :) 
Outdoor seats! Don't you think this looks very Paris-y? 
The first few customers of the outlet
Nice shot by Lu! 

Burger Royale
Smoked duck mushroom breakfast
Mont Blanc, chestnut puree tart
Fav Antoinette, earl grey + milk chocolate 
Pretty in pink 
xb <3
Trying to show the details on this Knit outerwear but kinda failed 
Us with chef Dennis! Thanks for the invitation my friend :)

Outfit of the Day
Me in the upcoming Le Mod Dress, received alot of praises from my girlfriends.
This makes a very good CNY dress, still thinking if I should keep another colour! 
Faux snake skin clutch
My ultimate fail leopard gelish which I paid $85 for it.
Anyone has any good medicurist to introduce? 
Where we got our inspiration! 

Ikea yesterday

Made of sweets & biscuits, how cute! 

They changed the potatoes to hash brown, god I love hash browns! 
In Piped Work Blouse, kept this in Creme! 
Career Tailored Blazer needs no introduction. Love the fabric used for this piece.
Unlike the previous few blazers, this is made of thick quality cotton, not the stiff formal kinda
Slim cut yet very stretchable, really comfortable piece! 

Because my previous flats have been over-worn, HELLO new jellies! Bought it last month and Muffin said it's now oos in Sgp. So happy Lu and I bought it in 2 colours :)

And I need this Arty Cuff, saw it in the Ion outlet but it's only available in size L :( 
Dear ysl please have it restock by Christmas. 


Alright, till my next blog post! 
Dont forget Ohvola's launch at 2pm tomorrow. 
(star buy Shimmer luxe cardigan <3)


  1. May I know where to get ur jellie flats?

  2. May I know where to get ur jellie flats?

  3. May I know how much is the jellie flats?

  4. Are you and Lu keeping the shimmering cardigan and lantern crochet frock dress? If yes what colours? (:

  5. hello dear, just to feedback on the sequin hem forck launched few weeks back.. the chiffon lining is not thick enuff.. brought the one in cream and is kind of sheer.. suggest to use thick quality chiffon for chiffon dresses in future.. or mayb can use other lycra/ polyester material for the inner lining for chiffon dress. guess it would be much better. Thanks :)

  6. Anon1- You can get it from any Ferragamo outlet, we got it from the Paragon one. It's retailing at around $200.

    Anon2- Hi there, Lu kept the Creme for the Lantern dress. I'm thinking of keeping the Black, this LBD will come in handy in future. As for the Shimmering cardigan, we are keeping it in all 3 colours! It's not easy to source for this kinda glitter fabric. It looks very ex irl, like those you see in Topshop :p

  7. Anon3 - Hi dearie, the lining was made chiffon as we wanted the more flowy feel. If it was lycra/polyester, the dress might seem stiff and heavy. But thanks so much for your feedback, we will choose a thicker chiffon for lighter colours in future. Good day!

  8. Thanks so much for your reply! Are there any other items you are keeping for this collection too? Any back orders available? (:

  9. Can I know where did you get your clutch from? TIA! (:

  10. Hi,

    May i know where do you get the chanel ring from?


  11. Anon2- Hi again! We kept quite abit from this collection. Yes there will be BO for a couple of items :)

  12. Anon4 - Clutch from :)

  13. Anon5- Hi there, I got it from Bkk airport :)

  14. Your next collection is around when? (: hope someday ohvola will manufacture jeans with zipper at the bottom! Haha :D

  15. Registered postage is faster or normal?

  16. Bo possible for lantern crochet flock in black?

  17. hi, can i know how much is the balenciaga leather band that you are wearing?

  18. is your bracelet from balenciaga? how much is it? and your friend dennis is the chef or the owner? haha ;)

  19. Hi Jolene! Can i check with you which outlet of the ship u went to for the bday celebration? Thanks so much!

  20. Anon6 - Prolly in a weeks time! Hmm jeans w zipper noted will consider manufacturing that :)

  21. Anon7 - It depends but it's safer to opt for registered mail during this festive period.

  22. Anon8 - But because of the crochet it will not reach us before Cny:(

  23. Anon9 - Hi there it's around $290!

  24. Anon10- Yss it is from Balenciaga $290. No Dennis isn't the boss!

  25. Hi there, please consider bringing dresses/tops in larger sizes. Your apparels are really nice. :)

  26. Hi there, would appreciate if you could bring in dresses in shorter length in future (ie:below 32") as it would b more favourable for shorter girls.. Ty love!

  27. hi
    may i ask do u have any gd eyelash glue to recommend?
    many thanks

  28. Hi jolene, may i know how much did you bought the black chanel wallet you have now?

  29. Anon12 & 13 - Hi dearies roger that! thanks for the support we do have sizes for a couple of our CNY designs :)

  30. Anon15 - Hi there, it was my birthday present :) Shld be ard $1k.

  31. many thanks joleen....
    becuase i bought NOYL Eye Charm from SASA and it didnt really work on the falsies....
    so is putti "user-friendly"?

  32. Hi Jolene,
    You can check my manicurist she opperates at her home and some fleas and her prices are very reasonable. Not only that she makes sure she gives you the best service. You can check out her blog for any questions that you might have.

  33. Hi!

    you can contact Chelsea =)
    drop her a comment on her blog at
    she does really sweet designs!

  34. Opps! i mean for your nails =)


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