Maybelline (Sponsored Ad) x TheFashMob x Chengs Bday @The Ship

Some of you girls have been asking about my daily makeup regime. Give me some time! Will get down to do that one day :)

So last month, Zoe from Maybelline couriered 2 large bags of Maybelline products which include
    1. Mascara
    2. B.B Mousse
    3. 4 Lipsticks
    4. 2012 Organiser
    5. 2 Lip Balms
    6. Eyeshadow
Not only that, Maybelline's really generous to sponsor 10 goodie bags worth more than $30 for my readers! Will do a giveaway for 10 lucky readers next week :)
The products!
Maybelline's Pure Mineral BB Mousse!
Soft fluffy mousse

I have been using this BB Mousse as my makeup base ever since I received it. This lightweight texture BB Mousse provides a very good coverage, moisturizes skin, conceals and brightens skin tone. It also protects skin against UV rays with SPF 30/PA++

I like that this BB Mousse comes in 1 shade which fits all Asian skin tone giving off a healthy, fresh nude look. With this BB Mousse, I no longer have to apply other BB cream/foundation! Saving both time & money :)



Next up! It's the new range of crisp-coloured lipsticks! With 20 shades to choose from, you will definitely be able to pick the colours that suit you best. My favourite would be Crazy For Coffee from the Sensual Nudes shades. It's lightweight and not sticky, absorbs well too! 

Lastly the Volum' Express The Falsies Mascara. I love the packaging!

Unlike me, Desiree uses Mascara more often than falsies. Hence here's her say in this new product! 
As you can see in the before and after picture, her lashes became much thicker and makes them look longer than they actually are after applying just 2 coats of Mascara. The brush catches on every single lash, holds and curl pretty well. 

To top it off, the waterproof mascara withstands rain drops and teary eyes. So get yours today!
Here's a pic of the pretty bff after applying the Mascara

Check out some of my favourites from THEFASHMOB.COM

The bags instocks, no waiting time needed :)

The wedges on Pre-Order closing on the 7th!


 Chengs 24th Bday @The Ship

With Luc

My lobster special, very worth it!

The ipad slaves
Oops funny face at the wrong time
DE PLEATED FROCK in Cerise with obi sash, a very pretty piece!

Till then..


  1. Hi jolene! Did you put on your foundation after applying the maybeline BB cream?

  2. Hi there! At times, depending on whether I'm going for heavy or light makeup:)

  3. But i realize that after putting on BB cream it dont look even, which means one big patch over here and another one over there. And its very sticky so i have to put on my powder.

  4. Yay! Okay sign of relief. I'm sorry the one you launched recently is nice, but its too wide/long for someone with a petite body like me! :-( Still really looking forward to it! Thank you Jolene!

  5. Where you got the black bag from the last picture? ;)

  6. Yeaa that happens to me too but guess we just have to spread it evenly :)

  7. We did sizes for the upcoming one! Thank you for waiting :)

  8. Hi! Where did you bought the black high waisted shorts that you paired with the polka dots top?

  9. Hi there it's an upcoming design, manufacturing in progress :)

  10. Hi Jolene! This is irrelevant to the entry, but what is your weight? You looks so slim, how awesome (:

  11. Hi, what the brand of the curler that u used?

  12. Very interesting blog, looking forward to more wonderful! Mac Makeup UK


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