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CNY 2012

Happy lunar new year! 
So other than gambling and visiting, I spent my days watching Scarlet Heart 步步惊心. Was hooked to the drama and completed all 35 episodes within 4 days! Haha that's my Cny break for you. 

Photos from our meet-up session last sat @ International plaza.
A couple of girls asked if they could collect their items during office hours last week as they thought it was our office. But nope it's just a venue for us to hold the meetup. Hopefully we can conduct it at our office the next time. Hmm we shall see!  Preparation in progress
Was very happy when I received some tweets from the lovely customers thus the photo!
Desiree in High Society Red and Fran in Shimmered cardigan :) 

So glad to have them, my family friends <3

Chu2 - Desiree invited us to her aunt's new place. One of the nicest home I've been to!

The cosy corner The dining area

The designer of this beautiful home is non other than the owner herself!


Kung Hei Fatt Choy! 
I am privileged to be invited to attend the flea organized by For flea sake coming up this February @ Scape Sky Terrace.
Mark your calendar! 
It's been so long since I last attended a flea market so join me!  I've so much personal items to clear at really good prices :)

*SCAPE Sky Terrace (Level 4)
4 and 11 February, 2pm to 8pm

Booth Rental Rates: S$50/booth a day
Provided with 1 table and 2 chairs


For Enquiries:
PS: The largest flea market company in Singapore, with up to 10 fleas every month is now on iPhone/iPad!

For Flea Sake have recently launched an Iphone/Ipad App, simply download it on the Apple App store & drop us a print screen of it to enjoy 5% off your flea booth. 
Search for "For Flea Sake" or simply click the download link here - to terms and conditions)

It's a date!

I've got a new hair cut!

Times flies! We are into the 3rd week of the new year already which also means the last launch of Ohvola Spring Series! The past 1 month has been really hectic, with an average of 5hrs sleep daily. (that explains the pimples on the forehead)  
I've so much to do, so little time Fix my hairMedi / PediTrim my brows Clean the very dirty car Send Taylor for groomingBuy new clothes for TaylorBuy Bak Kwa for Sean's familyOrder Sakae's Yu Sheng for reunion dinnerPack my roomCollect sofa bed cover 

Some pictures before I go back to the emails! 
 . . . . . .
Va va vroom!