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Happy Wednesday all! Just received a text from my eldest sister asking us to put aside N I N E pcs from tonight's launch. So touched :') She hardly gets this many from us, usually just 1 or 2 per collection. She got really excited this time after seeing the pictures from the shoot and immediately tried on every design. Fran is like our QC manager, always giving us feedback and advice on how to improve!

Photos from the outdoor shoot last week, me being the stylist for the first time!
Arrived at Chinese Garden
This reminds me of Huan Zhu Ge Ge, would be better without all the renovation going on thou
Team Access-ed!
Posing for a shot before the real work begins!
All the flowery clips
Stunning Freda, who wears size S for all apparels
This army printed changing tent Max bought, it's just so him! (Doubles up at a hanging rack)
Our inspiration!
Lu the photographer in Eliot Polka Blouse

My fav dress of the collection, such a flattering piece! Available in 2 sizes. Immediately told both my sisters that I'm keeping it for CNY, in case they intend to wear it as well haha kiasu much!
Then it started to rain after this shot, oh bummer..
Wellin Weave frock which Fran kept in Pale pink & Navy
Le Valley Top with Salvatore X shorts, the highly anticipated HWS which took almost 6 months to be ready after all the modifying and changing of fabric. *Phew*
Freda in Flynn Balloon sleeve Blouse with her very hilarious Bf
Still raining...
And the rain got bigger and we could only shoot at places with shelter, 辛苦了everyone
A not-very-flattering shot of me trying to pose
And that's about it!

Thank you Team Access-ed, Freda and bf for all the hardwork!
So glad the photos turned out pretty well :)

We were really starved by then, yet we went all the way to Tiong Bahru for Brunch @ Drips, highly recommended by Lu.
Pretty lady boss and their very delicious cakes & tarts
The menu which didn't have much variety

My smoked salmon croissant, really yumz
We are the messy eaters
Sweetheart Lace Corset in Grey <3

 Swensens for dinner last night!
Cheesy mussels
One of the best fries
Not so yummy Salmon baked rice
Me in my fav Houston Dress, cannot emphasize more on how much I love this piece!!
Quality assured, gonna use more of this fabric in future :)

Outfit for movie @Down Town East. 
Didnt like the ending of the Turning Point because Laughing Gor shouldnt have died like that!!
Pretty pretty crochet details!
Our inspiration!

Alrighty, am praying hard nothing goes wrong tonight!
Feel free to ask me anything :) 
Till then...


  1. Hi Jolene! Just a suggestion, could you all provide thigh openings for shorts in future please? For the salvatore shorts now too please! Thank you :):)

  2. Yayyyy you blogged! Looking forward to the collection tonight:) Like your sister, I love so many pieces from this collection! Including my friend who doesn't usually shop online:P Love the HW shorts too<3 Hope that you can also consider in manufacturing other staple colours (light gray) in future:) Heh thank you for all the hard work! Too many pieces to love for this collection.... can see my bank account depleting furiously...

    Lastly, thank you for always keeping your prices affordable:) I'm a current student studying in NP so yeah limited funds for shopping heh. Even my friends say so!

  3. Anon1 - Hello there! Noted your feedback, extra measurements will be up at the launch tonight :))

  4. Hi C I was from NgeeAnn too! Thanks so much for your kind words, so glad you and your friend love our collection <3 You are most welcome!!

    Roger that, will consider doing it in Grey/Creme colour in future :) See you at the launch tonight!

  5. Hi jolene! :)
    What size did you keep for the shorts?

  6. Haha so you're indirectly considered my senior! Heh yup Checked out the black & navy shorts + other tops now I can't wait for them all to arrive!:) Looking forward to the next collection once again^^

  7. Hi Jolene! I chose size M for the X shorts. Cause I compared the measurements with other bottoms I bought last time. I'm quite tall and my hips are wide, and my thighs are quite big too..if the size M is too big for me is it possible to alter the shorts? Thanks!

  8. C - Haha yeaa indeed :) Mailing all paid orders tomorrow!

  9. Hi Christina! I doubt you can alter the shorts since there is no elastic band. A waist belt should do the job if it's too loose on you :)

    Hopefully sizeM fits you well!

  10. Hello. I hope Ohvola could include L size for the shorts as S and M sizes are too small for girls with bigger waist or hip.

  11. Hello Jolene!
    ohvola has great styles! Love reading your blog cause got good food and clothes! Can you share where your friends get all the customized birthday cakes?
    And on the side note, your bf looks like Ke Jing Teng from Na Xie Nian!

  12. Anon3 - Hi there noted your feedback, will do so in future :)

  13. Hi S! Thankq for your kind words and for following my blog :)

    You can try, &

    And as for Sean looking like Ke Teng, some of my friends mentioned that as well, character wise too hahah

  14. Hi Jolene, any more cny collection coming up?

  15. Will there be any high waist jeans or jeans coming in in future? (:

  16. Hi jolene,
    can you manufacture office skirts in black? or workdresses! cos i need them for poly presentations :)
    thanks a lot!

  17. Anon 4 - Hi there! Last Spring Collection will be launched on Wed night :)

  18. Anon 5 - Hi dear, not at the moment! Sorry about it!

  19. hello jolene,

    how much is the chanel bag and chanel necklace in this post?

    the bag is which size?

    thank you

  20. will ohvola be having BO for the houston dress? :)

  21. Anon 7 - Hello there got a friend to get it from paris for $4.3k necklace was ard $300+. It's a jumbo!

  22. Please manufacture shorts in size L. M is too snug on me:(


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