CNY 2012

Happy lunar new year! 

So other than gambling and visiting, I spent my days watching Scarlet Heart 步步惊心. Was hooked to the drama and completed all 35 episodes within 4 days! Haha that's my Cny break for you. 

Photos from our meet-up session last sat @ International plaza.

A couple of girls asked if they could collect their items during office hours last week as they thought it was our office. But nope it's just a venue for us to hold the meetup. Hopefully we can conduct it at our office the next time. Hmm we shall see! 
Preparation in progress

Was very happy when I received some tweets from the lovely customers thus the photo!

Desiree in High Society Red and Fran in Shimmered cardigan :) 

So glad to have them, my family friends <3

Chu2 - Desiree invited us to her aunt's new place. One of the nicest home I've been to!
In The Peterpan Dress in Vermilion :)

The cosy corner
The dining area

The designer of this beautiful home is non other than the owner herself!

Chu1 - Uncle Frankie's

All 3 of us in Ohvola pieces :)

 Prettiest Angbao received!

Cutie pie Nicole!

To Dennis'

Really happy when Geraldine chose this piece to be her Chu1 dress :)

The minimum $10 table, my first time playing this big! Good thing lady luck was on my side that night.

To Anna's
Meet Michi

Us with Anna :) 

1 more day to play before the work officially starts on Monday!

Till then..


  1. Is that Constance Song?

  2. nice pics!:)
    just a side note, the hand on ur shoulder in the 1st pic is pretty scary :x

  3. omg i noticed the hand on your shoulder too in the first pic!!! creepy.

  4. do you think is ok to get my hair cut at Salon La Vie? who's your stylist?

  5. ya, why there is hand on your shoulder? You photoshop that person away? Else it's really scary.

  6. That hand belongs to Sean. He's just hiding behind the banner! Sorry if it's very disturbing! I've no idea how to photoshop it away :/

  7. Anon - Hello there! Our stylist is the lady boss of Salon La Vie. You can look for her :)

  8. where did you watch the Scarlet Heart drama? (: Loving Ohvola!

  9. :)) I watched it from my phone, LeTv. I was told it's up on Funshion already!

  10. When's the next launch babe and what can we expect? :)
    Hope you had a great cny!

  11. Yes I did :) Hope you had a good one too! Next launch would be next week. A sale collection will be up first.

  12. Hi babe,

    I emailed to the studio rental email add but I didn't get any replies. Could you kindly check and get back to me asap?


  13. Hello! Great entry :) do blog more regularly (if you have the time)! I like reading your entries and checking out upcoming ohvola items in your OOTDs! Haha. that way i can save up for the ones i've got my eye on ;)

  14. Hi where's ohvola's office? :)

  15. Oh dear! Can you email us at

  16. Hi dear thanks for dropping by :)) Will try to blog more!

  17. any recommendations for those customised 21st bday cakes? sales launch when!! ^^

  18. Hi Jolene,

    May I know if the Coral waterfall blazer you wore is a Ohvola piece? Is it already OOS or an upcoming item? Thank you!

  19. Hi mine was ordered from! Sales launch is up last night :)

  20. Hello there, that piece is Le Waterfall Red available here :


  21. hi jolene, is there backorder for salvatore x shorts?

  22. When will the preview for the next collection be up?


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