I've got a new hair cut!

Times flies! We are into the 3rd week of the new year already which also means the last launch of Ohvola Spring Series! The past 1 month has been really hectic, with an average of 5hrs sleep daily. (that explains the pimples on the forehead)  

I've so much to do, so little time
  • Fix my hair
  • Medi / Pedi
  • Trim my brows 
  • Clean the very dirty car 
  • Send Taylor for grooming
  • Buy new clothes for Taylor
  • Buy Bak Kwa for Sean's family
  • Order Sakae's Yu Sheng for reunion dinner
  • Pack my room
  • Collect sofa bed cover 

Some pictures before I go back to the emails! 

Salon La Vie!
Desiree bought 2 coupons online which cost $89 for Cut + Wash + Dye + Treatment, pretty worth it! 
Every salon needs a pretty chandelier 
Snip snip
Dye dye

Va va vroom!
I look 3 years younger with my short fringe! Didn't really wanna cut my fringe initally

So colourful!
In High Society Top in Black & Couture Clutch in Black :)
Finally arrived after a 3-month wait! Interior of the clutch, side zip + 2 side pockets.
Gonna alternate btw the 4 colours for these pretty clutches during CNY. No doubt, we kept all 4 colours :)
Harsh flash
To chinatown!

Saw some really sweet parents buying these balloons for their baby <3 
With Desiree's best buy of the night, grilled sotong for $2.50

Checked out 112 Katong last week after work, but by the time we finished out dinner the shops were mostly closed. Shall visit there again soon!
Auntie behind peeping at my phone 
My ramen without vege!

In The Peterpan Dress in Black & Couture Clutch in Chilli RED.
Forgot to snap a pic of the interior, black lining with red piping!
Too much Kpop going on in the office with Audrey around nowadays, was told that this dress has IU's feel! 
Our inspiration! I'm keeping the burnt orange piece as well :)

Date with Sean to town!
Meet my Dajie! Hopefully I can still look this good when I reach her age :p
Lequinn Luxe Dress in White size S <3 <3
Regretted wearing this piece out, should have kept for CNY instead! Keeping the burgundy too
Realized alot of girls took a second look at the dress, in a good way of course :)
Brittany Multi Way Bow Bag in a forest combi, very unique & chic
Taka hall

Inside this bag : Wallet + Hp + Key + Tissue + Ipad 
TCC for dinner 

Cupcakes from Pique Nique from Sean! 

 Nautical Stripe Dress!

Alrighty shall catch you at the launch tonight at 830pm!
Till then..


  1. hello :) is the a la mode dress comfy? as the material is textured cotton, which is the same material used for the kate textured top, and people reviewed that the material was kinda scratchy on the skin :(

  2. anyway, can you advise me what size should i take for the a la mode dress, if my PTP is 15.5", waist approximately 27"? :) as I followed your site's measurements for the houston dress and got a size S, but it was too tight for me :((

    thanks in advance :)

  3. Anon1 - Hi there! Not to worry it's very comfortable! It's not the same material, kate knit is more of thin knit.

  4. Hi there, size S should be fine! As cutting for Ala mode is slightly bigger than Houston. No worries!

  5. Hi Jolene, is the red clutch more of an orangey or deep red kind? Thank You! :D

  6. Hi Jolene! After this hectic collection.. if I'm not wrong you mentioned ohvola will be taking a break?? May I know how long would it be till your next launch?:(

    Anw pretty clutches there, looking forward to the upcoming designs!

  7. Anon2 - Hi dear, it's more of Chilli red, not deep red :)

  8. Hi C! Yepp we do intend to take a really short break but we will see how it goes :) will keep you updated!

  9. Is there Bo for the clutches? I'm willing to wait though.. :(

  10. Hi babe, I think people took a 2nd look at you because they recognized you, not because they were looking at the dress...

  11. Hi, may I know where are the white watch and the red cuff bracelet from? Thanks!

  12. If we self-collect on sat, will exchanges for size be allowed on the spot, if we tried it on and realize the size we bought doesn't fit? Thanks for answering :)

  13. Hi dear, is the skater dress in sienna colour true to pics?
    Or will it be darker in real life? Cos I have bought some dresses before which look abt 2 tones darker in real life. Do advise!

  14. Hi dear, is the red clutch true to ohvola's blog pic or the actual launch pics? Any possibility for an exchange on Saturday if I want to change it to Tea Rose? Thank You!

  15. Hey Jolene, you look fab with your new haircut and the hair color looks awesome! :)

    Anyways, thank you for all the efforts put into OhVola, and have a blessed Chinese New Year to you and your family! :)

  16. You look prettier w your new hair cut and colour! (:

  17. You guys definitely deserve the break after all the hard work:) It's gonna be sad that I wont be able to see weekly updates anymore:( But at the same time I need some rest from purchasing from ohvola too:P

    Hope that you can still blog regularly^^

    Happy Chinese New Year to you & ohvola's team! :)

  18. Anon3 - No Bo for the clutches at the moment, sorry about it ):

  19. Anon4 - Hello there! You've got a point there haha

  20. Anon5 - Hi there! Watch from Marc by marc red cuff from Balanciaga :)

  21. Anon6 - Sorry about it babe, we are unable to do so):

  22. Anon7- Yes dear colour for Skater in Sienna is true to pic!

  23. Anon8 - hi dear it's more true to the launch pic as the pic on my blog is from filtered from instagram :)

  24. Anon9 - Hi dearie thanks so much I'm loving the new hair colour too! Just hoping it wont fade off so soon. Happy lunar new year to you too :))

  25. Anon10 - Heh thankq you made my day! :D

  26. C - Hahaha youre so humorous! Yep yep will try to blog more often :) Happy lunar new year to you too! ^^

  27. where did lucinda bought her bcbg watch?

  28. Hi when is ohvola having sales?

  29. is that chanel wallet in the interior pic of the couture clutch? :) which model is it?

  30. where did you get your phone case? ;))

  31. Hello!! Where did u get the offer for salon la vie? Care to share? :))


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