So my NYE was spent at Wine Bar. 
No hotel stay-over this year, just a simple drinking session with the usual few :) 

Wrong move to give our table the whistles and poppers,
we were annoying everyone the entire night haha
Sean and his whistle 
Rounds and rounds of shots, major love for sour plum 
Us :)
Pretty Puah sisters and their other half, all 4 with big round eyes 

The other 2 with pretty double eyelids, super envy!
If only I am able to wear contact lenses.
Ree bought a pair for me a few months back but I had a really hard time putting them on.
Gave up after a good 45mins. Bummer..

Playing scissors paper stone with the face after watching running man

Super fail, I look like I had face cramp! 
Love the Qipao top I wore that night, perfect for parties!
Our very first leopard printed top made in Qipao form heh
(spot the embroidery detail at the side of the hem)
Outfit I wore to the steamboat @ Golden Mile.
Brooklyn crochet bib dress in blue that comes with a rope tie!

P/S Access-ed has launched a new collection!

2 of my fav items from the collection. A simple black cardigan as seen on Max and a loud pair of cropped chinos on Sean.
Most of their items comes in sizes range from 30" - 34".
Time to shop for your other half!

Dont forget our launch tonight at 830pm! As usual, no BO for the collection this month :)

Till then..


  1. Hi! For the tie-dye top launching tonight, will the color/design differ for each piece?

  2. Anon1 - Yes dear the tie dye of each piece varies:)

  3. Hi there, where did y'all get the black weaved clutch from? Thanks!

  4. Hi, do you know where did your sis Lu buy the orange skirt that she paired with the black qibao? thanks.

  5. Hi Jolene! I would like to ask if there will be any more HWS for the upcoming collections?? I kinda like this collection's HWS but the measurements given are still kinda big for someone as petite as me:(

  6. Anon2 - Black clutch is from Thefashmob.com :)

  7. Anon3 - Hello there, the skirt is from overseas!

  8. C - Hi C! Yes we do, and the next one is the pair you've been waiting for :D

  9. *GASPS* I just ordered the black one from this collection!! But I'll be looking forward to the next too^^ Thank you so muchhhh!<3

  10. afew months ago, ohvola was giving away chanel earrings for lucky winner right?may i noe how much does it cost?bec im looking for one. thanks!

  11. C - No prob really sorry to have kept you waiting for so long! :)

  12. I believe good things are worth the wait! You're too kind:) Heh


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