And so today's the last day of CNY! Enough of excessive gambling and over-eating.
High time I go on a diet, my face is too round for studio shots.
If you've seen Ohvola's Fb preview on our new launch, you'd get what I mean. Boohoo!

 Photos from Mok's place

Tish Romper in Red :)
 Then to my place for more gambling!
My adorable Taylor <3
Muffin dropped by!
Geraldine and Fran in Eliott Polka! Available via BO here :)

To Aunt Irene's 

In Straits Flap Blouse Black with an upcoming Skirt :)

Yesterday to Art Science Museum for Titanic Artifact Exhibition! 
Stopped by Food for Thought for brunch

My hair is still wet :/
So frizzy after the cut

Sean's yummy Full Works
My Bacon and Cheese sandwich which was so-so
In Fyan Ruffle Cardigan in Red :)
That was one breathtaking and emotional exhibition, thankq Max for the organizing!
Boarding pass!

Canele @ Lido

Outfit to town for a meeting! 
Kae Shirtdress in Myrtle Green

Maybelline giveaway coming up, stay tuned!
Till then..


  1. Hi Jolene, does the Tish romper comes in sizes? I can't decide on Red or Black. Which one do you think will match a Mustard bag better? Thanks babe! :)

  2. Hi jol, can I enquire for the colorblock top in tmr collection is it a tad stretchy? Can it go to a max stretch from 15.5 - 17" at least? Am considering to get the pretty piece you model for :)

  3. Anon - Hi there! Nope it's free sized. I would say Black :)

  4. Hi SR! Just a little. It should be able to fit 17" Thankq! :)

  5. hi jolene, will there be backorder for salvatore x shorts? :(

  6. hi!! just wondering if u order xtra stocks for B/o? i would rly like to get the pleat and flare dress but very cash-tight right now :'( hoping to get it when the b/o arrives. can ?

  7. Hi Jolene, is the blue skirt that you paired with Fyan Ruffle Cardigan in Red an upcoming item too? if not, where did you get it? btw, you look super good in the red romper! am going to get one for myself too :) looking fwd to tmr's launch!


    hi may I know where did lucinda got this bag from? thanks ;)

  9. haha sorry wrong link

    here it is XD


  10. For the Nyasia Crochet Top, is the detachable inner piece matching to the top?

  11. whats the hips measurement for chiffon dress to be laucnhed tmr? pls consider including hips measurement in preview. :)

  12. Anon 2 - No dear, BOs not possible ):

  13. Anon 3 - Hello there yep for some items we do order extras :)

  14. Anon 4 - Hi dearie I got the skirt from Bkk :) Thankq for your kind words heh see you at the launch!

  15. Anon6 - Yes it is, according to the colour of the top!

  16. Anon 7 - Noted will do so tomorrow :)

  17. Hi jolene! May I know where did lucinda got her blue skirt from the one she paired with the red flap blouse

  18. Hi, is Nyasia Crochet Top in white sheer?

  19. Hi Jolene! Was wondering do you have any recommendation on nice cakes for a 21st birthday party? Thanks!

  20. Just wondering if you mind sharing how much you got your chanel bag for? Thanks babe!


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