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Behind the scenes

Peektures from the outdoor shoot from my phone!

4 hours straight under the scorching hot sun is no joke.
I blackout-ed by the 3rd hour and headed straight to the car for air-con while they continue with the shoot.

Salute to Xyu Ree and Lu! I am definitely at least 2 shades darker now ):
Sucks how it takes months for me to become just a little fairer and an hour to be back to square one.

Lesson learnt, need to spam sunblock for every outdoor shoot in future.

Summer Lookbook launching @ 830pm tonight :)
Till then..

Last Friday Night

I finally overcame my fear of putting on contact lenses after so many attempts.
Yay!! Thanks to Desiree who never gave up on me. So here's a photo of me wearing grey lenses :)

Last Friday with the girls!

What I wore that night. Yep it's the same knit skirt I wore to Hongkong! Available in 4 colours :)  1 thing I dislike about wearing oversized tee, makes me look so huge in photos. 

Oki till then..

Lucinda's birthday!

Photos from Lu's birthday celebration!
Fran brought us to Vineyard @ HortPark for dinner with the family.

Picnic @ Botanical garden on Saturday! A pity it started to pour when we arrived, thank god for the empty pavilion which we decided to make do with for the rest of the day!

We ♥ HongKong

As promised, here are the pics from my holiday at Hongkong!
Had a hard time filtering from 600+ to 90+ photos. Apart from the rude citizens we met, I love everything about Hk The weather, the food, the late night shopping!