Last Friday Night

I finally overcame my fear of putting on contact lenses after so many attempts.
Yay!! Thanks to Desiree who never gave up on me. So here's a photo of me wearing grey lenses :)

I wanna be fair so bad
Last Friday with the girls!

@ Filter's reopening 

What I wore that night. Yep it's the same knit skirt I wore to Hongkong! Available in 4 colours :) 
1 thing I dislike about wearing oversized tee, makes me look so huge in photos. 

Oki till then.. 


  1. Hello! :) Will you be opening a BO for the swiss dot dress?

  2. Hi, where did you get your oversized top from? :)

  3. Hi Jolene, when is the next launch? cant wait!

  4. Anon1 - Hi there! BO will be up together with next collection's :)

  5. Hi Jolene, make it a Wednesday pls!

  6. Where did you bought the long necklace? How much is that costs you?

  7. Will ohvola be having any promotion?

  8. Hi Jolene! Make it tuesday pls..

  9. Make it monday la
    make it tuesday la
    make it wednseday la
    make it thursday la
    make it friday la
    make it saturday la
    make it sunday la
    make it everyday la

  10. Can I know where did Lucinda do her hair? Is that natural curl or she perm it?

  11. May I know where did lucinda got her black bag from? Te one she pair it with the wine top and knitted wear

  12. Anon 4 - Hi there, necklace from F21! Got it sometime back.

    Anon5 - No promotions at the moment!

    Anon6 - Hi there, Lucinda curls her hair herself :)

    Anon7 - Hi babe which bag are you referring to?

  13. hi where did u get your sandals from

  14. hi jo! do you still have any stock of the knit skirt?


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