Lucinda's birthday!

Photos from Lu's birthday celebration!
Fran brought us to Vineyard @ HortPark for dinner with the family.

Birthday girl in the upcoming Jules Jacket!
There was some filming going on in the restaurant hence the bright light shinning on both our faces
I didn't really like my Pan Fried Duck Confit nor Sean's braised beef cheek
The only thing that was worth traveling down for, the escargots!
As usual, the Zhou sisters decked in Ohvola :)
In Tux Collared Romper in black :)

A design by Topshop!

Picnic @ Botanical garden on Saturday! A pity it started to pour when we arrived, thank god for the empty pavilion which we decided to make do with for the rest of the day!
In Swiss Dot Dress to fit the theme :)

Presenting you the man behind this picnic!
Mx is indeed one of a kind.
He didn't want to trouble anyone so he did everything all by himself.
From the picnic mat to the balloons to the plates to the food, everything!
Yes that includes the strawberries and the basket haha
Lovely friends happy with their subway sandwich!
If it was my birthday, I'm pretty sure Sean will make sure everyone brings something and leave the rest to his maid lol
Moet from Morgan!

Look what the Xpy got her!
Hello kitty mahjong!!
And we spent the whole afternoon unwinding with the great company. I'm sure looking forward to more birthday like these :) 

 And yesterday, after a business appointment!
Finally at Victor's kitchen!!
Pretty pricey dimsum I would say, my tea cost $2.50!
But well it was worth it cos the food served was god damn delicious!!
Golden egg yolk lava bun!!
Satisfied us :)
Here's my outfit of the day, Lilyan Work dress in wine :)
Our inspiration! Eliminated the drawstring at the waist.

Don't forget a new collection, Enjoy Spring launching tonight at 8pm!
Till then..


  1. C'mon! I wont be doing that!
    I'll have the whole Botanical Garden wrapped up just for you.

  2. Hi babe,

    May i know how much and where did you get your chanel necklace from in the victor's kitchen pic?

    Also may i know where did Lu get her nude heels from in the hortpark pic?

    Thanks a lot!

  3. Hi jolene, I ordered Size M for the Swiss DOt dress cause size S was oos, if it's too big for me can I still alter if there is a side zip?

  4. Anon1 - Hi there, I bought it from Bkk airport. Her nude heels from overseas if I'm not wrong!

  5. Hi Christina! You should be able to alter and take in from the other side :)

  6. i think you look older than sean.

  7. Hi jolene! May I know what size is lu's prada saffiano lux tote? Is it bn1844 medium size w/o zips? :) thanks a lot in advance!

  8. Anon3 - Hello there, so sorry I'm not too sure of the size/model but it's with the zip without the sling ;)

  9. Hi Jolene, where do you trim your eyebrows?

  10. Jolene! Can you do a video or a tutorial on your daily makeup? It looks really natural and not overpowering, really pretty! (:


  11. What's the age diff between you and lu? Didn't know u have a 3rd sis, why isn't she in ohvola team?

  12. Hi!
    Can i check with you which is the best hotel in BKK that you prefer the most?btw is grand diamond good?do you have any recommendation of any good and affortable hotels near platinum mall?thanks a lot!

  13. Anon4 - At a random shop near my place!

  14. Anon5 - Hi dear you're too kind but my makeup isnt up to standard imo!

  15. Anon6 - 2 years! My eldest sister has her own passion to pursue :)

  16. Anon 7- Hi there, grand diamond used to be my fav until it raised its rates. Amari watergates one of the best in pratunam area :)

  17. Hello! May i know where to get the hello kitty mahjong? thanksss! :)


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