We ♥ HongKong

As promised, here are the pics from my holiday at Hongkong!
Had a hard time filtering from 600+ to 90+ photos. Apart from the rude citizens we met, I love everything about Hk The weather, the food, the late night shopping!

Happy Valley
Our hotel lobby

Took a ride in this slow moving Dingding tram

Our first meal after we arrived, Tack Hsin restaurant where they serve the best custard bun!
@ Times Sqaure in Causeway bay!

The cuties
Typical tourist shot @ their Mtr
Wax museum! Never knew Edward was so tall
Rainee with Marilyn monroe
The guys w Jackie Chan
Up to the peak!

Having ice-cream when it was 13degrees
And here's our room for 5 nights!

Day 2! 
All glowy after applying the bling bling cream we bought @ Sasa recommended by Rainee!
Mx and Lu brought us to their fav breakfast place!
I love their milk tea!!

Dennis' gorgeous EP3!
Shopping @ Mongkok


Mickey & Minnie hahaha

The cute gloves they bought because their hands were freezing!
Super act lol
Yummy waffles! Don't forget to get a cup of hot chocolate when youre there, I promise it's worth your $5!
Happy girl with her $8 cotton candy!
And Geraldine finally arrived!!
Pretty face! Envy how Desiree can pull off red lipstick so well!
The girls sharing the jumbo hotdog!
To the 4d show!

Queued for 15mins for a shot like this!



To another cheap and good dim sum for breakfast!
All excited outside Space Prada outlet but came out empty handed :(
Ocean Park!
Lazy panda!

Scary cable car ride
The kid in us!
Back @ Mongkok for desserts
And how can we miss out Cold noodles!!

Day 5!

At the train station when it was 13degrees

''give me the first class look!" Haha my spontaneous friends
Arrived at Shen Zhen!

Shoes galore

And really cheap bags!
Had Mighty Ranger burger, Hash brown + Beef + Onion + Cheese. Not a fan!
@ Little Sheep for hotpot
So good so good!

At the ferry terminal to Macau!
Hotel Beverly Plaza! Borrowed Sean's checked scarf cos I was totally freezing at 8degrees, and he had to use his bandanna haha how mismatched!
Nice lobby!
Our spacious room for 2 for the night!
Din Tai Fung
Us before heading to the Casino!
They have casinos everywhere! A pity we didn't have the time to visit the Venetian hotel's casino 

Day 7!
Hongkong fashion yo
Love streets like this!
St. Paul!

So that's my 1week retreat at Hongkong for you!
Prolly one of the best holidays ever, will definitely go back with the groupie one day :)

Till then..


  1. What is the hotel u stayed in at HK and how much was it? :)

  2. How old is Lu? How abt u?

  3. Whr did u get the beige jacket from?

  4. dont you sisters hv a dad?

  5. how did you get to know rainee and geraldine?

  6. hey Jolene, what size should I take for the Swiss Dot Dress if my PTP is 15.5"? A lil' confused about ohvola's sizing 'cause its been a hit and miss thus far, although I follow the measurements given by the website closely.

    Thank you very much in advance :)

  7. Anon 1 - We stayed in Cosmopolitan hotel, around $80 per pax per night!

  8. Anon2 - Lu is 24, I'm 2 years younger!

  9. Anon5 - I know Rainee from Ngee Ann Poly and Geraldine is my first friend in secondary school!

  10. Anon6 - Hi dear, both xyu and I wear size S for Swiss dot dress so size S should be fine for you as well :)

  11. Hi Jolene! Thank you for taking the time to answer my query regarding the sizing for Swiss dot dress :D do consider manufacturing more of ohvola's clothes with lining, or with thicker material, as it's a pity if the design is nice but the quality of material is flimsy or uncomfortable. Looking forward to the launch tmr, nevertheless! :))

  12. Hi Jolene, how much did you spent for the 1 week retreat at HK? All the expenses all this.

    And and, what shades are you and lu wearing. :)

  13. Hi Jolene, what inner tank top did you and the model wore for the dream lace top? what size are the inner tank top?

  14. Australia Dairy Company's scrambled egg and steamed egg white pudding with milk is legendary! craving for it now that I see your pict of it!

  15. Hi jolene, the material used for the black dream lace tank is seriously not good.. Cause it will stain and make my nails become very black as well as my skin and my accessories and it took days for the stain to fade away.. Even though I soak it for few days it will still stain on my skin. Don't you realised it while you were trying on?

  16. does the swiss dot dress come with inner lining? :)

  17. Hi dear, where did you buy the pink dress from day one? look so lovely! and i cant seem to find the beiga jacket from F21 :( where did you buy it from orchard or somerset? how much?

  18. Jolene!!!! where did you buy the pink polka dots pouch?? so cutee!!!

  19. hi jolene

    mind sharing where is that shenzhen shopping place you were at? and if the shoes there are really cheap and worth going?


  20. Hi can i check where did u get yr polka dots scarf from? Thanks

  21. E dimsum(s) looks awesome! Great trip u had w ur grp of besties (: love trips like this too..

    Can i check with u, so u stayed in shenzhen for 1 night & then head to macau for e last day? Do u guys make bookings for e trains/ferry/hotel in adv? If yes, mind sharin? (: thanks in adv!


  22. Hi
    may i know which facial cream did you get from sasa?

  23. i am also agree that the material used for the black dream lace tank is not good.. it stained my nails and pants, all become very black :(

  24. Hi Anon6, no worries about it!
    Noted your feedback. We are already working on our material used for the new batch of designs. Looking for higher quality fabric and eliminating the flimsy ones :)

  25. Anon 7 - Hi there, around $1.6k! My shades is from F21. I'm not too sure where Lu got it from.

  26. Anon8 - Hi there, inner tank from f21, size s!

  27. Hi FoodieFC, I didn't managed to try the steamed egg white pudding with milk but I absolutely love their toasted bread!

  28. Anon 9 - Oh dear really sorry about it but that didnt happen to me. I guess it's the dyeing of the lace that caused the stained, really sorry about it ): We have already talked to our supplier and they will make sure it doesnt happen to the BO batch.

  29. Anon 11 - Pink knit dress is from Mango! Got the jacket sometime back so I guess it's oos ):

  30. Anon 12 - Hello there! Polkadot pouch is a freebie from Maybelline :)

  31. Anon 13 - Hi there, it's called Dong Men Ding! Yep worth going, tons of cheap and pretty stuff like platinum mall in bkk!

  32. Hi Vie! We didn't stay in Shenzhen, we took the public train early in the morning and went back to Hk in the evening.
    Yep we went to Macau on the last day via ferry. You can book the ferry tickets at the terminal on the spot and took another ferry directly back to Hk airport from Macau terminal :)

  33. Anon 15 - Hi there, it's DrG Bling bling cream!

  34. Anon 16 - Oh no, sorry for all the inconvenience caused dear ):

  35. About how many degree is it when you went to HK? I'm heading to Japan, so i'm looking for clothes to buy there. Saw ur clothes here, could you recommend a few places to buy them? Like scarfs and coats?

  36. hi! what's the name of the cheap dim sum place y'all had breakfast at for day 4? and which part of hk? :D

  37. Hi Jolene,
    yup, the dream laced tank in Black stained my nails/fingers I got a shock after trying it on! It's pretty but I din get to wear it out, due to the fear of it staining my bag, my fingers etc. first time experiencing such problem after my many purchases from Oh Vola ):

    Do you have any idea how should we solve the problem? does soaking helps?
    Hope you'd source for better material for this pretty piece.
    & I heard there's something like Lemon Law implementing! maybe you girls should look into this to minimize any "unhappy-purchases" from your customers.

  38. Anon17 - Hi there it was around 13degrees! Most of my outfits are from f21, H&M and Mango :)

  39. Anon18 - Sorry I cant remember ):

  40. Anon19 - Oh dear babe email me? orders@ohvola.com

  41. Hi Jolene, may i know do singaporeans need a visa when entering shenzhen from hongkong? :)


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