So yesterday, we headed down all the way to the west to get our nails fixed with Simplicity Nails! 
It's a home based nail salon located at Taman Jurong. 

Trina is a professional manicurist who specializes in Acrylic Extension as well as gelish which was what Lu and i did :)


The interior of the cosy room. Love the pink stripe walls :)
The range of Gelish colours she has!
And here's what I chose! Nude base with french tip and a bit of tribal art on it :)
This set of nails only cost you $40 which is really reasonable! The other time I did 2 colours gelish at my area was around $80 and that's like 2 times of Simplicity Nails!
Trina and her 2 satisfied customers!
Now ladies staying in the west, you know where to go for medi/pedi! 
Visit Simplicitynails.blogspot.com / Like Simplicity Nails on Fb for more :)

Email Trina90@live.com.sg or call 81185274 for appointment

Last week to Vivo for Jpot!
In an upcoming Lace&Crochet black frock :)
Zooming in on the pretty details!
Heard so much about Jpot and finally able to try it!
With my lol friend
So much variety and soup base to choose from

Jayr's birthday bbq at his place! 
Another upcoming design, Split sleeve knit top :)
Coca and his new hair cut!

Adorable cola in her new dress!
Matching watch w Lu that night

 And on Saturday
A photo with the beloved xiao mian yang! Thankyou for the past 2years with us, we love you but we love our new ride a little more!
Morgan's place for shoot!
Tongtong kitty cat
Our props for the night

Thankq for the location Mr Morgan!
Gorgeous Freda!
The team for the night! :))

Back to yesterday!
Outfit of the day, upcoming Abstract Pleated Cami
Still my fav bag ever!!
Ikoi for dinner
With Ree and Muffin
The only photo of food I took because I was too hungy, Sashimi spam

Pardon the abrupt end. Need to rush to the airport now, we are so late for our flight!!
Till then..


  1. hi! where did you get the pair of wedge that you wore with the chanel bag? oh, what new car you gotten?

  2. Always looking forward to your new post without fail!! Can't wait for the next Ohvola launch! Anticipating sooo much!

    1. Hey C :) The new launch should be some time late this week!

  3. Mind sharing how much you bought the chanel earring?

  4. Mind sharing how much you bought the chanel earring?

  5. Hello Jolene

    The floral shorts that is paired with ur white top. Is it Ohvola manufactured item?

  6. hello may i ask how much did u buy the MJ watch for?? its so pretty!!!

    1. Hello it's around $400+ if I'm not wrong :)

    2. Your MBMJ watch retails for $200+, def not $400 cos MBMJ watches don't retail for that expensive, maybe only the crystallized designs.

  7. Hi babe,

    Was going to ask u the same question, where didbu get ur wedges from? Pretty! Hehs

    1. Hi there, nude one from china! The orange one from FEP :)

  8. may i ask how many branded bags do you have in total? name them all? and do you buy them with your own money?

  9. Where did you bought the chanel earring from? Isit in Singapore? If yes, which outlet?

    1. The one from this post is from Bkk airport, I dont buy from Chanel Sg!

  10. Hello, i like your Marc Jacobs watch a lot. Did you buy it in Spore?
    If yes, mind sharing where can i buy it too? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello yep we got it from Dfs @ Scotts Road sometime last year :)

  11. In Singapore is more ex? Which will be the recommended place to buy???

    1. Yep definitely! Best is if you get it from Europe, if not Bkk!

  12. What size you guys wearing for the Zara shorts? :)


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