Fam xx

Too much good food for the past few days!
Last night was Chiso Zanmai Japanese buffet dinner @ Central recommended by Muffin.
Oh no my arms are getting out of hand :/
It was about $31 after all the ++ with free flow drink 

Loving muffin's new hairdo
Sashimi overload
Find my dress familiar? :D

Love birds
Ree in Rubie piped top!
Outfit last night, an upcoming zara inspired skater dress :)
And my new sandals <3

Chikuwa Tei @ Mohamed Sultan

Highlight of the night, Codfish!
Mother of all Amaebi, damn huge and fresh
Teapot soup was pretty good as well
Satisfied us!
Tcc for deserts

Love my girlies

Back to Arbite @ Serangoon gardens w Sean's family

Seafood pie
With the Lee siblings :)
Char and her Frittata
Smoked Salmon Smorgasbord 
Gardener french toast
Outfit, upcoming pleated skirt :) 

Work trip last week!
Finally a hotel we are satisfied with!
Upcoming Crochet Camisole

Same pose man Lu
Love the crochet trimmings! 
Mona Lisa <3
Outfit, upcoming Scoopneck crochet top
Only thing I look forward to in the plane
Lu is an exception, she prefer the IFE
Mahjong to be exact, what an addict!
One last shot before I knocked out! 

Have you seen Ohvola Sale page?  
Till then..


  1. You look so pretty in all your outfits!!! May I ask is the white crochet design jacket in the last pic an upcoming piece on ohvola? :)

    1. Thanks Christina! You're too kind!
      Yep it's an upcoming jacket available in black and white :)

  2. Ohlord. My arms & face look horribly HUGE in all your photos ):

    1. Same here :( Time to get our running shoes ready.

  3. Hihi Jolene...when is Ohvola launching?? Loving all the crochet stuff! :)

  4. how much does it cost in total for your dinner at chikuwa-tei?

    which is better? the jap buffet or chikuwa-tei?

    thank you ;)

    1. Chikuwa Tei definitely! We didn't eat alot thou, paid around $30+ per pax. The quality of the sashimi is really good and fresh:)

  5. Hi jolene, you look great in the orange lampshade skirt, will ohvola be manufacturing that in the near future? (:

    1. Thanks dear, but nope we wont be manufacturing it at the moment!

  6. hello jolene!

    is the blue top paired with the upcoming pleated skirt an ohvola upcoming piece too?

    thanks!! (:

  7. Hi jolene,
    May I know where you got your sandals from?
    Thanks (:

  8. Hi Jolene! may i know which hotel is it? looks great!

  9. hello dear, are both upcoming skater dress fully lined? The Darted De and Linday skater dresses. Are they sheer?

    Thanks babe!

    1. Hello there! Yes they are both fully lined but white is still slight sheer :)

  10. is the peterpan top in tonight's lanuch be able to fit 17" ptp? is the material a lil stretchy?

    also, any recommended colors of your choice for this piece? i am stucked between white, mint and orange! thank you ;)

    1. Hello I guess i'm too late in replying but still my fav is creme :)

  11. Hi dear, love your floral short that pair with the peterpan top! May I know it is a ohvola piece? I love Lu floral short too!

  12. May i know where did you get the mustard bag?


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