A quick update before my flight at 7am!
If you've been following me on my instagram, you'd have seen my super pretty aztec nails :)
No doubt it was done with Simplicity Nails.
Drove for a good 32km from Sengkang all the way to Taman Jurong but it was totally worth it.
I love this tribal design she did for me! It's gelish btw. You can choose your own base colour as well, think fuchsia!  

This set of nails would only cost you $55! ($25 for nailart + $30 gelish) Where can you find such great deals really? 
Mention my name to get 20% off all services at Simplicity Nails :) 

Do like Simplicity Nails on fb for more updates and promo! 
Ps/ Trina will be away from 18th June-1st July, so do make appointment with her fast!

My outfit that day was an upcoming Relax Lace Top w this gorgeous embroidery shorts!
Comes with a detachable gold buckle white belt.
The cutting is really fab x100 and it comes in 3 sizes S/M/L :)

Itacho @ PS for dinner, queued for 45mins before a decent meal. Sashimi there is super fresh! yumz

Yup! Lu and I wore the same embroidery shorts that day. Comes in 2 prints as seen above :) 

Au Petit Salut for our 6th anniversary dinner/ Sean's 23rd birthday!

Was initially seated outdoor but I attracted tons of mosquitoes :/
Is it true that mosquitoes are attracted to people who does not take vege?

Posing with the birthday card I made

 And his love letter to me lol

 Burgundy snails for starters

 Sean's prime grade beef tenderloin

 My Venison Loin which I liked alot!

Happy birthday my fav person on earth!!

 Choux buns which was highly recommended on HGW, but was too sweet for my liking

No longer the boring black/brown wallets, hello mustard!

Geraldine's 22nd @ The coastal settlement

 Outfit of the day!

This is the bomb! Truffle fries!! No pics of the rest of the food we had cos it was only so-so

 Fat angbao from all of us + a clutch from Chengs = Happy girl!

 Happy 22nd again, my first friend in school :) You rock!!

 A pic of little miss cola looking greedy! Qtie pie!!

Will be back on Sunday! 
Till then....


  1. Hi Jolene,

    I'm interested in the orange pair of wedges in your first few photos. May I know where did you get it?


    1. Hi kay, it's from a shop called code red in FEP if im not wrong!

  2. hi joleen, may i ask if u can recommend places where i can get great shopping at bkk? many thanks =)

    1. Hi there, it's the same few shopping places in bkk! Platinum, MBK, Chatuchak and Siam area :)

    2. oh ya one more qn =) i seen somewhere on ur blog or lucinda's that u all do mani over at bkk too? may i know which shop u all patronize? many thanks =)

    3. Hi Sim! I did mine at the MBK bridge the other time :)

  3. Hi Jolene! Just wanna ask where you got your gold watch? Am looking for similar ones but just can't decide between Michael Kors or Fossil! Thanks, Chris(:

    1. Hi Chris! Sean bought the Michael Kors one for me. The one on my instagram :)

  4. Hi Jolene, does the lace camisole have adjustable straps? Thanks! :)

  5. Hi, Mind sharing how much you bought your Prada bag? :)

  6. Hi Jolene! May I know if we can request for extra holes for the Vera belt 'cause I'm afraid it will be too loose for me!

    1. YES!! I've the same problem too! Can we request for extra holes?

    2. Hi dearies, not to worry there are extra holes punched in every piece :)

  7. hey! for the shorts do you think a size S can fit a normal uk8?

    1. Hi there, you might want to take size M for the shorts instead!

  8. Hi! What size are you wearing for the crochet camisole? :)

    1. Size S! We did indicate the size worn for every piece on Ohvola full blog preview :)

  9. Hi babe,

    Where did you get the red bag?

  10. Hi, how much did the burberry wallet cost?

  11. Hi Jo, when is the preview for next launch? :)

  12. Hi Jo,

    is the tiffany for HEPBURN CLASSIC SKATER DRESS the same shade as MY FLAIR FLAP BLOUSE in tiffany? or more to pastel?

    Thanks! :)

    1. Hello there it's different kinda tiffany, my flair flap is dull tiffany. Yep this is more of pastel :)


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