Of birthdays and celebrations!

Havent blogged for more than 2 weeks! :/
Been really busy with moving to the new space, finally settled down and the renovations are almost done.
More photos of the office in the next post!

So yep my best friend's 22nd birthday last week.
She took a day off to drop by our office to help me with hair and makeup for the shoot :)

Our hair looks super gold here! Need to fix our hair asap but have no idea where to visit..


To clark quay for dinner

 Outfit of the day

Arrived at Shuffle, love this place so much! 
They have live band performing everyday if i'm not wrong, definitely visiting it again real soon! 

 The food was pretty good as well!

And because it was ladies night, with every $40 spent you get a bottle of Moscato

Birthday girl and her bday drinks from us

Bkk w Sean two weeks back
Beautiful sunrise

Sleepyheads at 7am 

 The first place to visit, Platinum mall

 My savior! Always craving for good bbt when I'm out of town. 

 Dinner time @ Central World

 And we finally tried Cold Stone

Day 2
 Waffles for breakfast!

Checked out Shibuya19, located right opposite Grand diamond

Love the concept of this shop, made use of the high ceiling and turned it into a store room

Wearing Neon Premium work dress in Tangerine! Love the quality of the fabric and cutting of the dress. Wore the fuschia one on Sean's birthday to Chiso Zanmai if you remembered :)

 Watched John Carter while eating cos we had 5hrs to spend at the airport due to flight delay, boohoo

Sean felt hungry again after 1hr massage at the terminal :O

And we went window shopping. Totally drooling at the flats and sandals from Chanel!

Kahming's 21st @ Downtown east!

 Wore Paige Pleated Top in burgundy :) 

And as usual we ended the day with mahjong and daidee :) 

Dont forget to catch our launch tonight at 8pm!
Till then...


  1. Try Shunji matsuo Icon by Lily Xu at far east plaza level 1. Look for Victor. he is meticulous. They always have some kind of promo for cut+color+dye. You can call 67375311.
    My 2 cents worth :)

    1. Thankq for the recommendation! Will give them a call soon :)

  2. Hi. Is the white and black shorts pair with paige pleated top an upcoming piece?

  3. is your chanel tote in caviar or lambskin? :)

  4. No backorder for pastel bangle .. ?

  5. Hi there, buying chanel bag in bkk is it way alot cheaper? may i know how much did you save compare to buy it in sg? thanks pretty hope you could share with me. (:

    1. Hi there, not alot! I got the pst for $2.4k in bkk if im not wrong!

  6. Hi, do you have a list of must go place in BKK? can you share it here? Btw, hows the price at Shibuya19? Thanks in advanced jolene!

    1. Platinum mall, Chatuchak weekend market, Mbk, Siam flea area. The prices are almost like platinum, wholesale prices!

  7. The background of you holding the cold stone ice-cream seems like you were at Nex

  8. Hi, will the dress which desiree is wearing be launched on ohvola? :)) really love it! Thanks!

  9. Hi Jolene! I bought the Bertil belt and was wondering how do I adjust its length accordingly. Please advise. Thank you! :)


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