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0714 x 22nd

Been really busy w all the launches and ongoing events that I neglected this blog again, boo.
So yup it was my 22nd birthday last sat together with Ohvola's office warming w the family friends.
Kudos to Mx&Lu for the pretty pastries area, Fran for the macarons and Dennis for the lovely cupcakes!

The 2 angels of my life :)
With the block letters Ree got for the office! 
Thankq Wees for the champagne!
Huat ah!!!
Huge fan of The Patissier
Ysl arty ring from Sean! Which came to me as a big surprise cos initially i'm not a fan of the arty rings but now i think ive fallen in love w it!!

And a neon bracelet from the best friend!
The lighting was pretty bad outside, so the group photos turned out quite awful ):
And so Sean got me a new phone to replace the cracked one. Finally a new phone!
But I'm still not quite used to using s3, anyone has any photography apps to recommend? :)

Chatterbox for Mx's birthday
They are famous for their Chicken rice but I had lobster laksa in…

July; my fav month

To raffles place this morning because we had an appointment and some errands to run. Love looking at how the office ladies dress, perks of working in the Cbd area!  Had a hard time looking for a carpark lot at that area thou, quite glad we dont have this problem at ubi. Hmm..  Wore Jayne Tea Frock in tiffany! Trying to blend in the with the OLs
 Then to Eggs&berries @ the new Changi point
 Fish n Chips yumz!
 My pancakes tasted pretty normal, wouldnt reccomend unless youre a huge fan of it

Jb for authentic korean bbq highly reccommended by Charlene!
Took a bus for the first time to avoid all the jam
Pretty view for outdoor seats but it was too humid
And settled for indoor instead

Complimentry starters! Can ask for refill too, so shiok!
Good thing about this place is we dont have to bbq on our own :D

As usual, we ordered way too much
All satisfied and ready to shop!

Lenas @ Nex for Anna's belated birthday