Last week's!

So last weekend, Mx brought us to SkyLoft @Sentosa for brunch! 
A new rooftop bar & restaurant

Really wanted the outdoor seats but it was too humid that day 
will definitely be back one day to enjoy the good view outside! 

Settled for indoors, lovely white themed 

Love the ring my dajie bought for my birthday! 

In Romance lace top available via BO 

The big sister

Sean's Fish n chips 

Fran's Big breakfast

And my Eggs benedict :) 

Family love!

Kuru kuru @ Valley Point last week because Desiree was craving for sashimi.
She's forever craving for this and that like a pregnant woman!

Some hits and misses in the dishes but overall it was quite good 

The dinner buffet is $32++ per pax

Decked in Quaint floral tea frock still available here

Time to pack my luggage for the longest work trip ever.
Really pray everything goes smoothly there!
Till then..


  1. hi!

    your gold watch looks good! where did u get it from?

  2. your fingers are quite fat i realize. haha. i hope you can blog more words to personalize this blog, instead of just putting in pictures.

    1. They are? But the rings I have are all of the smallest size haha noted that!

  3. Hi Jolene! You always look great in any outfit that you wear! :) And I cannot wait for Ohvola's next launch! Continue to bring in great and affordable pieces! You ladies are doing well indeed! :)

  4. Hello there! Thanks so much for your kind words you made my day!!! :)))

  5. Hi babe!! May I know where your eldest sis got her green flowery dress from? Tell her she looks gorgeous!!

    1. Oki she will be really happy :)) I got it overseas for her!

  6. hi! Where did your sister get the ring from for your birthday? It's gorgeous! :)


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