A gif taken during the 4hrs roadtrip to KL

So the 16 of us decided to have a 2d1n getaway to Malaysia during the long weekend.
It was like a eat-and-sleep trip for most of us, kudos to the 3 racers who drove us around! 

Arrived @ Furama hotel where we saw Jeanette Aw, was kinda starstruck when she smiled at us :)

 Our cosy room for the night, it's a pity it was only for 1 night.
 The 15 of us conquered the pool before checking into our respective rooms!

 I look so muscular here lol 

 Shopping @ Times square

 Outfit; finally launching the suede shorts tomorrow! 
The shorts which I kept all 3 colours heh 

Dinner time! 

Day 2 to Malacca!

Our huge sunnies! 0.0

 And we finally arrived after 3hrs of jam

 My love 

Jewel collared dress in black :)
 The highly raved asam laksa and chendol which our friends queued for a good 30mins for it!


 Check out the long queue into the shop

 Some cute yogurt icecream

The very popular teochew restaurant! 
I was told our friends made reservations for it way before the trip, hmm

 This was why they came back to malacca for! DOPE! 

 Pollyana Fit n' Flare, love the neatly pressed pleats on the dress!

Club street social for brunch w the family

 Kope-d Lu's pic cos mine wasnt worth a shot ):

Charlene's 21st!

Some photos of the ST classifieds event last month!

 With customer ruiqi who won the wristlet :)

Till then... 


  1. Hi Jolene. Any suggestion on what tops (except black & white) can match with the Sartorial Suede Shorts in blue? Thanks!

    1. Hello! Black and white are the safest. But if youre daring enough, pale yellow/coral will be nice as well ;)

  2. Hey babe! Do you know what happen to The Fash Mob? They like disappeared already cos I emailed them 6 months ago and I havent gotten any reply :((

  3. Hello there! They are busy w school work now, not updating the site any time soon!

  4. Hi Jolene, will you be launching the blazer at the event or its from an old collection? :)

    1. Hello! That's from an older collection but we do have pastel blazers with super fab cutting coming up ;)

    2. both the black and blue are from older collection? :)

  5. Black one is an upcoming design with lace on shoulders :)

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  7. Hi Jolene. May I know where do you get the gold watch that you wore to the sky loft?

  8. Hi Jolene, may i know where did you get the black bag with gold chain (in the club st social photo) from?


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