Back to the land of smiles

Updates from the bkk getaway with the monsterz! It was my first trip with just the girlies.
So different, but in a good way of course.
Already looking forward to the next vacation! :)  

Flew over via Scoot! The taking off and landing was really smooth but the service was kinda lousy. 

We wanted to get some ice-cream but the air crew took a really long time before attending to us, like 15mins!! With the lights blinking and the 'ding ding' sound going on I dont know how they can actually ignore us. And so when an air crew finally did, we had to prepare for landing. So no ice-cream boohoo! 

Thumbs up for the spacious and comfy seats thou!

Arrived @ Novotel Platinum! 

Requested for a connecting room but they didnt have any left so we got upgraded to a 1 bedroom suite!
Thumbs up for their great service! 
Everyone is just so smiley there :) 

Room 2402

 Geraldine forever glued to the tv lol 

2 toilets so we dont have to snatch every morning! 

The living area

And the beautiful view 

The huge fans of mango glutinous rice 

Finally found the highly raved kaya youtiao recommended by Dennis & Lu! The combi is damn good man, a pity we dont have this in sg ):

Rise & Shine day2
The bad traffic even in the early morning

Famous wanton mee for breakfast!


The stall is filled with singaporeans, not kidding!

Shopping time @ Platinum

Neon craze still going on

Fooling around with the floral headwear

Rocker ree with her new buys

More shopping!!!

Time for dinner @Chinatown

T&k seafood

Super crowded with foreigners! 

Long long queue waiting to be seated at this tent area but we were starved so we headed indoor. 
Fresh and succulent prawns!

The food came within 10mins despite the crazy amount of people 

So singaporean haha

$13 each for 9 dishes, so worth it! (must order: crab with glass noodles) 
A shot with the cute helium balloons

 And we ended the day with a 150baht massage!

Their fav crepes before going to the weekend market!
All decked in neon!

Shopped for a good 2hrs and left cos we couldn't stand the heat there! 

Tomyum soup, every meal without fail :) 

Rainee and ger dabao-ing their fav mango rice! 

Ree's style; spikes and skulls 

Dolling up for the party! 

Been to bkk for >20times but it was my very first time to the clubs!

A very angst me because I wasn't allowed to wear my cat ears 

And the theme was, Rainee's getting married +4 bridesmaids lol

 Outfit of the night! Can't wait for our customers who bought this piece to receive it!! :)

Ordered a hugeass lychee smirnoff to share! 

 Secretly brought my cat ears along heh

Lobster char!

 The winners that night!


So much fun partying at Route66! 

All looking fresh despite the previous night! 

 5 of us squeezing in a tuktuk!

Outfit of the day! 
Wearing the new colourblock neon flats we all bought the day before :) 
Crochet shorts still available here!

 Can somebody franchise krispy kreme into Sg pls :( 

All sorts of dustcap, totally spoilt for choices!

 And i chose a purple pony! 

 Shopping at my most fav night market! 

 Last day in Bkk!
Decided to wear this premium lace dress to the airport! 
Super comfy piece, still available in the last few pieces here :) 

 Because there was a 1-for -1 lunch buffet going on in our hotel

 The selection of food was rather limited but what impressed us was this dessert table! 

Rainee's healthy salad plate 

So yep that pretty much sum up the 5d4n trip with the loveliest girlfriends! 
They are really the best I can ever get :) 

Oh yes, before I forget! Charlene is Sean's younger sis. A couple of readers thought char's my sister all along. And thou I look older than Lu, she's my elder sister. Please dont say I'm older than her :(

Alrighty time for bed!! 
Till then...


  1. Hihi is the night market opp siam paragon? Open daily??

  2. where is the youtiao & wanton mee from? and your fav night market? thanks!:)

    1. The wanton mee is at the street beside shibuya19!
      Youtiao is at the alley opposite novotel, near the famous chicken rice
      Siam night market :)

  3. LOL! everyone also said that i look older than my older sis!hah.
    anyway where did you get your cat ears? so cute!

    1. Life is about bo bian hahaha
      my cat ears from platinum mall!

  4. hihi! can i know where did you do your nails?!

    1. I did my nails with Trina, simplicity nails!
      you can check her fb page,
      they did theirs @Mbk

  5. Hi Jolene, where did u get the denim overall from?

  6. Hi Jolene, when will the flora toga romper u wore be launching?
    This week?

  7. Hi!
    Where did you get the pony dust cap?

  8. eh.. you don't look older than lu!!

  9. You look younger than Lu! Charlene and Sean looks alike too!

  10. which night market is that which you mention it was your fave?

    and is that a celine box bag in python? how much?

  11. The heels that you are wearing, where did you get it from? How much it is? :)

  12. where is the mango rice stall at???

  13. Which floor of MBK? Thanks in advance! (:

  14. 4th floor if im not wrong! where all the gadgets are :)

  15. hi Jolene dear , may i noe where u bought ur black sling bag in the last pic? is her nice lei.....

  16. Jolene, you look younger than Lu. The way of dressing can differentiate that :)

  17. hello! any peplum tops coming up?:D

    1. Yes!!! We have alot of peplum tops coming up :D

  18. Jolene, the 1 bedroom suite looks great. Thought of booking the suite for my family of 5 (incl 3 young daughters). Wonder how many beds are in there (noticed there were also 5 of you)?

  19. Hello! You just have to request for 2 extra beds, it's free for our case! So 1 king size and 2 single beds :)

    1. Appreciate your reply. Many tks.

  20. Hi Jolene

    may i know how did you girls get to Chinatown. Did you girls use the mrt or took a taxi? If you took a taxi, how much did the taxi fare cost and how much time did you spend at chinatown?

    sorry for the multiple qns and looking forward to your reply. :))

  21. hello, for you bangkok post, where the you tiao stall located?

  22. Hey Jolene, how was route 66? Keen to go there with my boyfriend. How's the crowd and is it safe?


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