Video credits xpoppy(spot my DY accent hah)

Also, here's our inspiration for some of the pieces from our Pre-fall 2 launch on Thursday 8pm! 
Enjoy :)

Do check out our fb preview HERE if you havent :)
Till then.. 


  1. Hello Jolene,

    Other than T&K seafood in bangkok, do you know any other famous seafood dining area in bangkok? Do you know any places in bangkok which sells alot of men's wear?

    1. Hi Charlene! We tried Nam sing but it was pretty normal, not too sure of other famous seafood restaurant.
      I would say chatuchak, they have everything there!

  2. Please have Bo for Daisy Crochet Dress in Tiffany.

  3. Hello Jolene! Which part of BKK did you get the moustache watch from? It's so cute!! Wanna get it when I go to BKK in Sep :D

  4. Hello there! It's right outside the gate of chatuchak for 100baht! We saw it in platinum too but it's slightly more expensive :)

  5. May I know where you got your demin jumper from?

  6. For the moustache watch is which level of platinium mall? Expensive by how much? Thanks! :))


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