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The Peplum Fever Goes On

So last week I went to Dean& Deluca to claim my free meal from Desiree cos she lost in a bet we made! heh  The food there was pretty normal, selection was limited. Thou I didn't pay for my meal, I thought the food was kind of overpriced considering its ambience. It looks really pretty from the outside but the interior was more like a food court.  The only thing I liked there was their Berries & Flapjacks. 

Didnt try the pastries but they look really yummy!

Love fluffy pancakes!

Thanks for the treat Ree, what should we bet on next? ^^ 
Outfit of the day; Lace Splender Top in white
Just sent my bag back to Prada cos the gold zip started to rust :( Anyone else has the same problem?  I have no idea why mine is rusty given that I keep it in the dust bag and box when I dont use it.  Lu's red piece is perfectly fine thou. Hoping to hear good news from them soon! 

Outdoor shoot for Ohvola's lookbook @Fullhouse Really nice of them to lend us their Vip room for us to settle…

Puppies love!

Sean showed me these videos a few days back and I thought I should share it with my readers :)
They are too cute omg!!


Photos from the recent work trip, this time together with Max and Fran. For the first time, it was a pretty enjoyable one but would definitely be better if Sean were around.  Cant wait for him to ORD in Feb!! 
So we visited our uncle on the first day where he brought us to 开平碉楼.  And where we traveled all the way to the villages for a simple lunch, what an experience :) A shot taken in front of his beautiful house
  Check out this vintage radio
Us with our uncle
Wearing Motif lace top in daffodil 

Renaissance Peplum dress :)

Hummerstons @Robertson Walk this afternoon where I had the worst cramps of my life.  Unfortunately, I'm one of the girls who will experience really bad cramps on the first day of my period.
I will actually blacked-out, shiver and have tummy-ache at the same time.
Every month without fail, sigh.
Didn't enjoy my food at all, the place was pretty lovely thou. Simple and quaint.
 Interior like Ps cafe
A photo w Sean before I died