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“We accept the love we think we deserve”

Here's a massive picture post!
Have been diligently taking pics ever since Lu bought me a new camera ;)

Photos from Antoinette last week after a meeting with Kissjane.
It was our first time to the Penhas outlet even though we drive pass it every time we send Desiree home.
Her place is just right beside, how convenient!

 Cakes galore!
 My love for macarons! So happy to hear that Ladurée will be in Sg next year :) 
 The sister in Lace Accent Blazer White
 And me in Hyori Blossom Top 
 Nice ambience, nice settings
 I had Crab Suzette, love how they are so generous with the crab
 Ree with her Seafood Alio Olio
 Char and her fav Club Antoinette

Dinner at Antoinette never fails. We need more restaurants like this in Sg!

Also last week, Lu was invited to Kkongdon Barbeque for sponsored food tasting and I was so glad she asked me along cos the food was really good! 
Am craving for it now as I type this entry!
 Outlet @Marina link

 Yummiest pork belly
 Never a fan of cold noodles but…