So it was Bkk with Sean during the Deepavali holiday break, a short retreat from work!

The side profile of the man in white somehow looks like Simon Cowell! But well of cos, he probably has his own private jet. 

 Couldn't resist but to stare at the fluffy clouds the whole time thou I only had 2hrs of sleep before the flight. It was so pretty... 

Arrived at Novotel, our small and cosy room for 2 nights

As usual, we headed to the wanton mee for breakfast! 

Look who I met in Platinum! So good to see you Freda :) 

Feeling xmas already!

On the table @Central World for dinner

Seafood aglio olio 

Beef curry baked rice for Sean 

The food was really tasty and the price was also very reasonable. 
We had 1 soup 1 appetizer 2 mains 2 drinks for less than $40! Will definitely be back the next time I visit bkk. 

Happy tummy! 

Sinful supper @1am in bed 

Day2 in Daisy Dream Top in white, the crochet details is really pretty. 
A design inspired by Topshop :) 

Tuktuk to my fav night market!!

Our must-have ramen whenever we are in Bkk, Chabuton! 
The Aztec tee as seen on Sean will be coming up on Access-ed tomorrow :) 

As well as these bags! 

Day3 was lunch at Another Hound Cafe recommended by the big sister! 

Looks atas but the price wasn't as atas as it seems!


The prawn bisque is super yums! 2 thumbs up!!

My squid ink pasta was also very good but was a tad too spicy for me

It was about $50 for 2pax!

Have only been going to the shopping area of Bkk for all these years. 
Would love to visit the tiger farm/zoo/floating market etc the next time with the family! 
Can't wait for that to happen.  

Brunch @The Brasserie

It was a pets friendly restaurant but the staff didnt look very pleased to see our puppies running around. Hmm.. 

Desiree rocking Arissa chain necklace and Brenda looking sweet in Elloit Sleeved Top :)  

With the early birds!

My Eggs Royale, the eggs was over cooked and the salmon was kinda salty.

The food was pretty pricey, about $40 per pax. Don't think we will ever be back for more. 

My handsome Taylor!

Fashionistas heh

Wearing Le laced tea frock, love the pretty lace used for this dress! 

My outfit to the movie Cold War.
No doubt Aaron Kwok is the sexiest 47year-old man alive!  
In my current fav Lourdes Aztec dress.
(Left my camera at home so had to make do with Sean's Ipad) 
This pic just dont do the dress justice, the cut is really flattering irl:)

Inspired by this drop waist design here 

Shall end the post with another pic of myself in the dress :) 

That's all for now, till then..


  1. May I know where is the wanton mee place in bkk? :)

    1. It's at Soi 19 Petchburi Road. Opposite platinum mall, beside Shibuya :)

  2. Hi Jolene!

    Was wondering if you could share with me the common shopping & eating places in Bangkok, I'm planning my trip in Dec, last time I was in BKK was 2-3yrs ago. Maybe you could email me? vanessatxw@gmail.com

    Thanks in advance! (:

    1. Hello van! I visit the same old places everytime I visit bkk.
      SIam paragon
      Siam night market
      Central world

  3. Hi jolene, may I know where you got the blue lace top from when you went Bkk and the lace dress from also?

    1. Hello both from ohvola.com launching on Tues 8pm!

  4. Hello!! Are you able to try out the clothing in platinum mall? :) Last i heard, they don't allow.

  5. Hello. Where do you get the shoes from that you wore to BKK?

  6. is the glittery top you paired w the white peplum skirt an upcoming design?

  7. Hi, may I know wat camera are u using?

  8. Hi Jolene! How much is the Daisy Dream Top gonna be?

  9. Hi Jo, is the white peplum skirt same as the one that is stocked at KJ? I dont see any white there, only blue and red! Thanks! :)

    1. Hi! We stocked only blue and pink, didnt stock white :)

  10. Hi Jolene, is this white skirt the one at KissJane? TIA (:


    1. Yup it's the same design! But we didnt stock white :)

  11. Hi dear! May i know if the le laced tea frock is stretchable at the waist? thanks a lot!:)

    1. Yup! It is made of stretchy lace and cotton :)

  12. Does the daisy Dreams top have allowance on you? If my ptp is around 16 to 16.5, which will be a better fit? Thank you!

    1. Yup slightly, prolly size M since it's non stretch.

  13. Hi Jolene, so happy to see you back modelling! still prefer you. So pretty ;)

  14. Hi dear, considering manufacturing the pants? the fit looks good!

    1. Hi dear we have similar pants coming up next month :)

  15. hi jolene, when are e extras from bo launching? do u all happen to have le femme crochet bustier in black too? have been looking for it!

    1. Not so soon! But there wont be bustier in black as there isnt BO for it):

  16. hey dear, when will cny collection start launching? :) thanks!

  17. Hi Jolene, will there be BO for Le Laced Tea Frock in pink? It was sold out within minutes when I was checking my shopping trolley out. So disappointing. :(

  18. Hi Jolene :) which website do you usually book your trip to bkk via? Also, what is the rough estimate you paid for your airplane tickets? (one/two way trip)

    Appreciate it a lot!! Thank you!! Hehehe :)

  19. Hi Jol. I sent an message yesterday to Ohvola regarding about combining my orders. Hope that your team will reply soon so that I can make payment. Thank you.


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