'Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken'

Back with another long picture post after a weeks hiatus! 
The past week has been really hectic for us, a productive one I would say. 
(we are ready for the peak shopping period!) 

But of cos no matter how busy we are, we still took time off work for brunch and good food! 
That's our fav thing to do on weekends :) 

So this week, Lu made reservations @The Merry Men

A pretty place to unwind with the fav people!

The truffle fries is da bomb, a must-order when youre there! 

 Egg Royale at $12 
Which I thought was pretty reasonable, they were very generous with the salmon! Yum


 The very big portion $20 merry men breakfast that comes with a toasted bread! 

Very cozy place but we were sitting on the high seats which wasn't really comfortable
(make reservations early for the better seats) 

My dajie and erjie :)

Wearing this upcoming peplum top, really flattering cutting
Used a slight sheen material which we all love to bits! No doubt I'm keeping in all 3 colours :) 

'Farewell' dinner for Wees @Marche

Frank by Ocbc event @Avalon
Thank you Sarah for the invite! :)

We were late for an hour but glad that we still made it for the f21 fashion show!

 With the most gorgeous Tricia!

 Sean looks kinda tipsy here! 

 Thankyou my love, 1 more to the collection:) 

SkyFall preview night @Bugis+
Thank you Shireen for the tickets! :)
Chanced upon Ireland's Potato.

 It taste much better than Best Fries Forever!

Outfit that night, Lolita cropped top and Suede Swing skirt in black! 

Shin Kushiya @Vivo

 Really fresh and thick sashimi

 The grilled meat was good as well!

 Wearing the upcoming Peplum Blazer in white!

 This is prolly the blazer with the best fit we have manufactured to far! 

And if you've been following Ohvola closely, you'd know that we are now with Kissjane @Vivo! 
We do stock in for new arrivals almost every week so drop by if you're free :) 

Alright time for bed! 
Need to wake up extra early for shoot with Sherena tomorrow morning. 
Till then.. 


  1. hi, are u all planning to restock baroque peplum top? didnt manage to get it during the launch & bo & now am regretting. looking for blue in size s if u've any extras hehe

    1. Yup! We do have extras for both colours but it will only be up in the next Extras from Backorder.

  2. Hi Jolene. When will the launch be? For the lolita cropped crop, how many colours are there and is it upcoming in the Next collection?

    1. Hi! Tentatively thurs :)
      Lolita top available in basic colours, black/white/grey. Coming up only in mid november!

  3. Hi Jo, is the white skirt an upcoming item? thanks! :)


  4. Love your black bag in the 2nd last picture! Where did you get it? :)

  5. what's the black lace top you wore in the marche photos? very gorgeous!!

  6. It's a dress! Upcoming on Ohvola :)

  7. Hi babe, is any item from your upcoming collection in stock at kissjane @ vivo already? i'm interested in HATHAWAY CROCHET FROCK and AUTUMN LACE SLEEVED TOP! So pretty!

    1. Yep! Hathaway crochet frock, Lace peplum top and peplum blazer are already stocked at Kj:)

  8. hi jolene, what is the armhole measurement for the authum lace sleeved top? thanks! :)

  9. Dear, do you have the model num for ur chanel black long necklace? How much?

    1. I got it more than a year back if im not wrong it was around $400 from Bkk airport!

  10. When will u launch the black / bottom red dress? Next week? Pls do order more instocks as well. Cos some items sold out fast n it's end of yr .. (:

    1. Next collection :)
      Yep we have already increased our quantity during these peak period!

  11. Hello Jolene! For Lou Lace Top in Mint, is the top Colour more true to studio pics or close up pic posted oh ohvola's blog preview? :)

  12. hi jo, any backorder for LOU LACE PEPLUM TOP & AUTUMN LACE SLEEVED TOP ? thanks!

  13. hi! where did you get the heels from on the day you went merry men?

  14. any BO for autumn laced sleeve top pleasE?

  15. Hello! From ur last picture, has the black sleeves lace dress launched yet? (Top left hand rack, together with hathaway crochet frock) :) thanks! :)


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