DBS one.tap

Good day all!
A friend of mine showed me this video and I thought I just had to share it with you guys.

Don't you think this idea is so fun and refreshing?
It was just like 1min of fame right there at Shaw just by tapping your phone.
Standing on the red carpet with the spotlights shinning and all the happy people cheering for you!

Ok back on track, Dbs is the first bank in Sg that allows you to pay with your phone!
So basically this tap and win is empowered by Near Field Communications (NFC),
a short-range wireless communication technology that transmit data between a mobile device and a reader.

Here's a better idea of how Dbs one.tap works!

Really, how cool is this!
We can now pay for good and services with just one tap.

Tap to pay with your phone at over 30,000 merchant acceptance points which includes,
Comfort & Citycab, Watsons, Shaw Theatres, PastaMania and many more.
You no longer have to worry about not having enough cash for cabs, no longer have to worry about losing your movie tickets.

The best part is that you can redeem mobile coupons by attaching on your phone before payment and redeem the offer instantly and automatically.

Kudos to Dbs, MasterCard, StarHub and Ez Link for the collaboration to provide us with a secure way of payment through the digital wallet app called 'SmartWallet'. Indeed shopping has become an absolute breeze!

Sign up for it here today!


  1. Hey Jolene! Can you share the names of the hotels that you and your friends went to for gatherings/birthdays? Need a place for about 10 pax! thanks you :) x

  2. My @Orchard Hotel
    Sean @Hotel Berjaya
    Geraldine @Hyatt
    Desiree @M Hotel
    Rainee @Naumi
    Dennis @Hard Rock & Mbs
    Lu and Chengs@ Ascott
    Wees @Riverview Hotel

    That's all I can remember babe!


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