'A day without laughter is a day wasted'

Happy Sunday all!
72hrs more to judgement day (12122012) but I hope it's not gonna happen.
Meanwhile, we should just live our lives to the fullest, everyday!

Last week was to Kith Cafe's 2nd outlet @Rodyk Street, walking distance from Dhoby Ghaut mrt.
Wanted to try their big breakfast but we were 45mins late.
Took the sheltered outdoor seats cos it was quieter

Much needed coffee fix 

My beef lasagne

The aglio olio was pretty good

And grilled salad for the sick cat which doesn't look very appetizing

Yup for Desiree who was nursing a hangover from the previous night at Attica 

In Manhattan Skater Dress!

Friday night, Geraldine brought us to Jalan Riang. 
Wanted to have Cajun King but they were fully booked till 930pm so we settled for La Pizzaiola just beside beside Wimbly Lu beside Cajun King. 

Simple and cosy seating area

Salami for starters 


This huge curry puff looking thing is actually our folded pizza! 
Ger insisted on ordering a folded one and when a perfect looking pizza was served to the table beside, everyone started blaming her. Hah. 
Ended up really messy after trying to split into portions but it was really yummy! Reminds me of Pepperoni @Greenwood. 

Our customized Aglio Olio  

Cheesy baked pasta which we couldn't finish. Will be back for the pizzas! 

Wore Lace and love tea frock :) 

USS date with Sean cos he had free tickets for that day so why not! 
No scary rides this time round since we completed most of it during Halloween

A picture with the fairy god mother and this is what we got. 
Picture perfect, not. 

Had a really good laugh looking at this shot. 
Just when the photographer was about to snap, this lady on the right from god-knows-where decided to join us in this pic. 
So much for queueing for this picture huh.

Finally tried this huge turkey leg! 

Ending this post with Shrek &Fiona.
Dont forget to check out our new launch :)

Alrighty time to prepare for paintball. I mean, to watch the guys play paintball! 
Till then..


  1. Hi! May i know which camera are u using?

  2. Let's have a last meal before doomsday. Would mookota or itacho be more epic?

  3. Hi Jolene! Can I know how much will the shimmer and cut-out dress be? Thank you!


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