Take me to the finish line

So on Thursday, Ree and I headed to town for some xmas shopping cos we wanted to avoid the insane crowd during the weekends.
But who knew, it was already damn crowded on a weekday.

Tea time at Paul!

Plenty of tarts and cakes to choose from, spot the giant macarons!

Very pretty place but the sitting area was a tad too cramped, i could totally hear the whole conversation of the 2 girls beside!

Fixed our hair earlier at the salon recommended by Ree's friend. 
Still trying to get used to this colour, definitely the brightest I've gone so far!

As usual, she went for red!  

Will prolly visit Paul again for their mains!

 In Evra cut out dress,
Decided to go without the sequined collar and matched it with my glitter flats:)

 Then was dinner at The Cajun Kings
 Was told that there will be no cutlery given, which means we are to eat with our hands. 
All they provided was a plastic bib, a wooden board and a hammer!

Fresh seafood served in plastic bags!
You can choose the 3 different sauces and the spiciness level.

 The guys were saying the crab wasn't flavorful enough but it was just right for me!

 I personally prefer the cajun fries to this sweet potato fries! 

 Had alot of fun hammering the crabs and getting really messy.
Definitely not a place for first dates!

And if you've been following me on instagram, you'd have met my current favourite bag!
Vintage Chanel <3>
 Been wanting to get a small sling bag for the longest time.
Couldn't decide between a Celine box bag or a Chanel but at the end I still chose this double c :)

Thou it has only a very small compartment, im still very in love with it

 My retro look that night, in The Hepburn Dress in white :)

Alright it's Monday again tomorrow, gonna get real busy for 1 more week till Xmas!
Till then..


  1. Hi Jolene,

    Where and how much did you get the Chanel bag?

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you by the way!

    1. Hi Rebecca Merry Xmas to you too!
      Got it from Reebonz for $2.4k :)

  2. Where you gotten the box beige bag? And how much?

  3. Hi, may I know where did U get ur hair dyed at ? And what colour is ree's hair? :) thank you.

    1. Hello there! Ree dyed her hair red.
      The salon is @Serangoon Central, email me if you would like to know the full address :)

  4. hi , where did you get the gold ring?thanks & Merry Xmas !

    1. Hi there! It's from michael kors.
      Merry Xmas to you too :)


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