M O N T I G O love

Hello! Here's my first entry of the year! 
Time flies isn't it? We are already into the second week of 2013. 

So anyway, I spent my last day of 2012 in Batam, a place I never thought I will ever be visiting. 
But Charlene who highly recommended Montigo Resort proved us all wrong. 
Thank you Mx and Lu for making it possible by helping to book the ferry tickets and resort!
 Took the earliest ferry at 1030am and arrived at Batam 45mins later!

 All energized and ready! 

 And we arrived at beautiful Montigo! 

 Totally not what I imagined Batam to be like! 

 And because the check-in time was 3pm.. 

 We headed to the city for lunch at A&W and for some massage

 Finally able to check into our resort but it started pouring

 Spacious living area

The main bedroom

 And another bedroom! 


Not forgetting the rooftop balcony!

Then it was dinner time! 
Times have changed, we are all so fortunate to these guys cooking for the whole lot of us. 

While the rest of us...
Sit and wait! Hah

Oh yes Montigo provided Xbox as well, how thoughtful!

 And throughout the night, we could see all the fireworks set by Malaysia and Sgp from our resort!

 Here's our very own version of fireworks the boys set! Beautiful! 

The next morning, we made an extra effort to wake up early despite the whole night of booze and games.

 I could stay here forever..
 Remember to choose the resort with hill top view, thou it's slightly more expensive than the rest. 
It's definitely worth it! 

 Sean the sleepy head who refused to wake up for the infinity pool!

For keepsake

 With the loveliest bunch of girls! 

 Me wearing Twirln' Midi Skirt launching tomorrow at 8pm :) 
Am already missing everything about Montigo, need a getaway again soon! 

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Am so loving my pastel nails! 

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Till then.. 


  1. Hello Jolene! How much will the Pandora Fleur Dress be priced at?

  2. Hello! Will the floral top you wore on the day of the warehouse sale be sold on ohvola soon? :)

    1. Hello! It's a dress but i wore a skirt over it. Yup coming up soon:)

  3. hey jolene, where did you guys get the fireworks from? is it expensive?

    1. Got it from the city area (there is free shuttle bus there btw) it's ranged from $20 - $50 if im not wrong!

  4. hello jolene,the villa can only hold max 5 people? or we are able to squeeze in more people too?

    1. Hello! Additional $100 for every pax.

    2. Can the villas accommodate of up to 10 people?

  5. Hi, What was the room type you guys had? IT LOOKED REALLY AWESOME! how much was tt? thanks!

    1. Hi Jolene,
      Any idea what kind of activities we can do there if going as a couple instead of whole grp of friends? (:

    2. Hi! It was the standard room they have, just that ours is with the sea view! Almost 500usd if im not wrong!

    3. Hi! Prolly just unwind and head to the beach, there's nothing much to do there unless you head to their town area!

  6. Hi Jolene, may I know if the blue skirt you are wearing on the day of the warehouse sales an upcoming item? Would also like to know if there will be restocks or backorder available for the Marciano Sequinned Knit Top in Gunmetal? Hope there is!(:

    1. Hello! It will be up in the next collection, in burgundy and creme as seen on Lucinda's instagram. So sorry no BO for Marciano :(

  7. can really tell lucinda, char and jerine were sitting and waiting. LOL!


  8. Hi, can I know which ferry do you take? And the ferry terminal the you arrive at? Thanks!!

    1. Hello im not too sure, but we took it from tanah merah ferry terminal and arrived at a terminal 5mins away from montigo!

  9. Hi Jolene,

    May I know if you guys booked the villa and ferry tickets separately? Thanks :)

    1. Yep we booked them separately, the villa we booked it via Agoda!

  10. hi. what is the max of pax in 1 villa? thanks.

  11. Hi!
    I have booked a day's stay at montigo resort to celebrate my bf's birthday :) was wondering, did you guys bring the food in from sg? or bought it there? I cant seem to find any guidelines on what can or cant be brought into batam.

    Hope to hear form you soon :)


  12. Hi! We took a cab from the resort to the city area to get the food! Didn't bring from SG! ;)

  13. Hi Jolene!
    Can I ask since you guys have more than 5 people, were you required to pay $100 per pax additional?
    It is not allowed for more than 5 people to stay over?

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. hi jolene, the bbq grill is provided by montigo or you guys brought it there?

  16. Hi! Just to check, did you only book 1 villa or 2 villas for all of you? Can share how much was the stay? Thanks!


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