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Happy Sunday everyone! 
So glad to be lying on my sofa while typing this, love Sundays like this!
It's Ohvola's third installation for CNY tomorrow at 8pm and here are some of my picks.
In Rhyme top made of floral mesh. Our only toga piece this Cny so do grab it if you're a fan of one shoulder tops. Available from size S-L! Already got orders from my friends for this piece :)

 Close up of the intricate lace details of Julieta Frock! Isn't it pretty? So perfect for 大年初一 
The one in creme is love too! 

 As usual Geraldine brought us to new food finds! And last night was Pietro @Jalan Kelulut 

Spacious and cozy interior 

Pork belly to share!

Funny how all 6 of us had pasta/spaghetti and forgot about their signature wood-fired pizzas!  
Will be back for weekday 1-for-1 lunch!

The day before to meet my best friend and the other pair of bff in Oasis Embroidered dress :) 

In another colour I adore, green with contrasting creme embroidery!

PS. cafe! We didnt like the outlet at Palais cos it was too dark (haha so auntie) 
So we decided to give Paragon a try thou the menu was different and variety was limited but thank god the truffle fries made up for it!

Da yumz 

Meet michi and anna! Nice catching up with them, the funniest pair ever!!

Roast beef

Wasabi chips

Bangers and mash 

 Laksa Pesto 

Looking forward to more dinner dates like this!

Till then.. 


  1. Hi Jolene, is the bustier top matched with the runche skirt in Tiffany upcoming? Thanks!

  2. Hello! Yes it will arrive after CNY :)

  3. Hello Jolene!

    May I know how much you got the Chanel necklace in this post for? Was it bought in sg?

    Thanks so much!!

  4. Hi! It's from Bkk airport, got it for <$400 :)

  5. Hi jolene may I know is STEPFORD SKIRT stretchy at wasit? :)

  6. Hi Jolene, can i know how much will FLORAL DEMPSEY TOP, JULIETA LACE FROCK & OASIS EMBROIDERED DRESS be priced at? Thank you!!

  7. Hi. May I know what is your waist size? My waist 26, shld get what size for the floral peplum top launching tonight. Thks!!

    1. Hello! I'm a 25.5" and wears size S. Size m should be more comfy for you:)

  8. is ohvola hiring at the moment?

  9. hi Jolene, how many more cny launch? :)

  10. Hi, may I know if hannabeth dress fits u nicely or slight allowance? Thanks

    1. Sorry, is it stretchable? Ptp fits me but I'm afraid the waist might be a little small for me..

  11. Hi, do you know where did Ree bought her Hello Kitty bag from? it's so cute!


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